I love to write.  It didn’t use to be this way for me.  In high school I despised writing.  The rules were complicated, the ideas behind them were ill explained, and I never had any teachers who were able to captivate me into writing. Additionally, creativity was stifled in me by a terror imposed by my father.  Just making the grade was the focus, not how creatively I could, to avoid vocal and physical retribution for letting him down.


This was true for a long time.  It wasn't until I was given free range to write as I saw fit for a single assignment as a junior in high school!  I wrote a play by play of a fly on the wall perspective concerning the events in one of the Star Wars films.  I've since lost that work.  But I remember that being the piece to begin stirring my desire to truly write.


It was a breakthrough for me.  The teacher gave me a poor grade on it.  I thought it was wonderful because I finally figured out how to get the thoughts in my head flowing properly to my finger tips; but the teacher didn’t recognize that.  The F I was awarded temporarily killed my confidence.  But I knew what I wrote was good for me.


I hated the fact that I got that grade.  My father was strict on grades and the only encouragement I remember receiving was: Do better because I told you to!


Finally, 15 years later I’ve written more than 500 essays, 4 books-two of which are still published and available through this website, and a great many pieces of poetry and emotionally charged works.  Financial success was never my goal.  It was understanding how to express myself.  I am however a very wealthy individual concerning the content of my character and outlook on life.  I figured out what none I encountered could teach me.


I’m secure and confident in who I am and that’s important.  For most of my childhood I was afraid of everything.  I remained that way until my mid-twenties.  Then I began to change.  I rediscovered writing through the works of J. R. R. Tolkien.  I realized that writing, while important to maintain most rules, doesn’t require the vast bulk of rules that teachers enforce in the classroom.


So here I am today.  I hope you enjoy the works I create and share here. If you so feel inclined please show your appreciation by donating.  Thank you for visiting!



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