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I'm on nobody's side!

"Jim, whose side are you on?  You don't like government and you think people should be left alone to fend for themselves, so whose side are you on?  Why should I support you when you don't support those few who try to make a difference by electing people to fix and change the system?"


Side?  I am on nobody's side because nobody is on my side.  Nobody cares for the individual anymore!  Claiming I am part of the problem sounds like statist mischief to me.  They come with collectivism.  They come with violent rules; gnawing, breaking, hacking and burning at my emotions; and for what?  To gain my conformity!  They are destroyers and usurpers, and I curse them!


Maybe they mean well or maybe they do not.  Either way, they reject the idea of logic and reason and favor the justification of violence and coercion, because they are many and I am one.  They seek to subdue my individuality for a misguided path to protecting the greater good.  Yet, they do not see what is plainly before them.  They do not see the violence inherent in their pursuit of peace; that to build peace requires voluntary interactions, not underlying threats of violence through coercive compliance of one groups version of 'rule of law' pending the votes of that days elected and appointed masters.


What need have I of masters when my philosophies strictly adhere to voluntaryism, to the absolutely peaceful interactions with others, and protected against those who justify coercion outside of the realm of self defense by means of nonaggression?  Tell me quickly for your life may be dependent upon such wisdom in this moment, why should I have masters that you choose for you and for me when I see fit to respect your rights by not choosing for you without your consent?







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