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Government Slavery Vs. Private Slavery


“When, in the history of the world, anywhere on the planet, has “working within the system” achieved freedom?

To put it another way, when has a slave ever achieved freedom by whining to his master, or by getting a new master?”


This has been asked and in the context of the first question I answer with this:  By understanding the market value of his life to his current master and purchasing his freedom with the accumulated wealth he was allowed to maintain.  Yes, with wealth he was allowed to maintain.


Many slaves, prior to and through the war of Federal Aggression-American Civil War to you-were slaves whose market value was often more important than the color of his or her skin or the noneconomic reasons he or she was enslaved in the first place; be them P.O.W., born in captivity, or sold into debtor’s servitude.


Yes, such is still slavery; and working within the system of private enterprise to escape private slavery works pending the situations.  There are plenty of places to go where taxes are nonexistent, replaced only with the sentiment of your desire to refine your time, intellect, and labor to produce that which you need to maintain and improve the quality of your life peacefully and honestly in relation to other people.  No single minded collective of a greater good which employs those who ‘just follow orders’ or ‘just do their jobs’ is guaranteed to exist in private communities while it is the noble foundation of government.


Instead, the private sector employs bounty hunters and mercenaries which hold allegiance to contractual / financial obligations after determining the moral conflicts of such goals.  Many of whom will change contracts or renege on them with protest upon new information coming to light; others not so; but with government supporters…”I’m just doing my job for the greater good and you should have faith in the system.  If you don’t like it, move somewhere else but you are not allowed to fight back because rule of law is noble, just, and peaceful.”  In fact, there isn’t even a monopoly on the use of legalized force or even a monopoly on the justice system.  We are not forced to abide by a single system susceptible to corruption that must be tolerated for a term of years.  There were, are, and will be a variety of options pending the imagination and critical thinking of people desiring to end unnecessary conflicts.


Regardless, private enterprise doesn’t harbor centralized hubs of monopolize violence and indoctrination; government sponsored nationalistic ideology does.  Privatized stupidity can be escaped, fought against with other private sector tools that don’t require layers of bureaucracy, and is not tolerated for long, especially if it contains underlying coercive measures.  Government stupidity on the other hand must be tolerated because it is the supposed noble law of the land and merely an accident; but those accidents make us all pay regardless of truly voluntary consent to the system or not.


However, this only goes to prove one thing.  It is better to be a slave in the private sector than to be a slave to the public sector, to the collective mindset put into action under the color of the law.  There, escape is far more difficult and typically results in leaving one tax plantation for another.


This is precisely why dispersion from oppression does not work entirely without utilizing at least an equivalent amount of coercion to combat that which would seek to enslave your life to profit other than your own.


Larken Rose is not wrong to ask this question.  I am not pointing this out to accuse him of being wrong.  He is not wrong.  He is correct in terms of state sponsored slavery, collectivism sponsored slavery that is noble in sentiment, nationalistic in collective thinking, and taught to children with stronger zealotry than privatized slavery is.  That’s the difference between evil committed by bad hearts and evil committed by good hearts.





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