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Like Christopher Robin, Goatboy has his innocent or drug induced fantasy world he likes to be a part of.  The harsh reality of Humanity can take its toll on anyone.  People are often mean and spiteful for no other reason than because they don’t know better, are scared and defensive, or simply have no knowledge of potential options.

Welcome aboard to the imagination of Goatboy and how he deals with the world through less intimidating beasts who see reason as a means to get ahead peacefully for the prosperity of all instead of a means to manipulate others for the prosperity of a few.

“Without the state how will I keep my children protected?  I don’t’ want to be forced to work long hours and see my children enslaved by capitalist pigs.  Some kind of state must be kept.  Sure it’s not perfect, but it’s better than people not having leadership or some kind of unregulated and unsafe leadership.”

“No step on me.  Why bother me?  Me no harm you.  Me want leave.  Why you no let me leave?  Better to fall in hole with jagged rocks than be slave.  Me no smart.  But me have many family.  We no want fight.  We want peace.”

“I already messed up.  I can’t go back.  But that doesn’t mean I can’t help others learn to fight!  FIGHT!  FIGHT!  You don’t need to know about my mistakes.  Just know that I’m on your side to stop the oppression of those who think it is okay to oppress others.  Some call it revenge.  I call it self defense.”

“I’ma just followinga my brother.  I’ma nota wanting anything but the peace.  Let tha peoples trade and leave alla them alone.  Maybe my brother is a little to-a coin grabby.  But he is-a my brother after all.”

“Coins!  Coins EVERYWHERE!  If I can save one Princess or five I will be-a doing all of them!  The richer the better I always say!  It is just a pity that so many get in-a my way for being slow and at the wrong place at the wrong time!”

“To be fair, kind, and a mother to my people is my truest purpose.  A mother eventually sets her children free.  What kind of leader would I be if I didn’t have the compassion and patience to let go?”

“To rule the land peacefully and with much compassion and humility is the only way to rule!  I cannot be benevolent if I am not humble.  Proper leadership is taught with kindness…unless you try to threaten me with a red shell or leave banana peels all over the road!”

“Freedom is what I want.  Peace is what I want to use to enjoy my freedom.  I just don’t know how to make it happen while so many others are so set on being mean in return to everyone else.  It’s just not a good idea, I think, to be mean to those who are mean to us certainly and those who we don’t know for sure are trying to be mean.”

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