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Jim's Favorites


Many of us simply watch movies and television, like to read, and listen to radio to be entertained.  I'm no different.  But as a child who struggled to understand what the world was about because I was sheltered unintentionally by my parents, particularly by the fear instilled in me by my father, I sought an escape without understanding that was what I was looking for.


In fact I was looking to answer the question of why my parents, and particularly my father, did what they did.  As I aged and watched more movies that came equipped with fantastic stories and more complex plots I began to identify with the characters and their experiences.  Eventually I began to read books and my critical thinking skills exponentially grew.


As time permits I will add additional movies, books, and television programs that stimulate my critical thinking skills.  Everything listed will be content that had or has a significant impact on me.  I am sharing this because everyone learns differently; and because sharing personal struggles helps others identify with their own struggle thus aiding the cause of liberty, of Humanity.

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