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Voting & Unintended Consequences

If you vote and don't understand that you are asking some to initiate unwarranted acts of aggression against others then you are ignorant and don't perceive the laws of unintended consequences. At best you can be forgiven and offered intlellectual asylum while you learn. At worst you can be held responsible for engaging in activities that cause unnecessary suffering to others. So its best to learn critical thinking skills before engaging in behavior that justifies intervening in the affairs of others regardless of noble intent.


However if you do understand and proceed then you are part of the problem, equal to those who are willing to commit the unwarranted acts of aggression to fulfill the voters whims. To make matters worse, if you understand this and hide behind the ballot box, instead of performing the acts you vote for, you are also a coward.


While I believe there are far more who don't understand than do, what justification can you maintain that grants you the voter asylum from me the victim who doesn't want to be bothered and doesn't bother others?


What reasonable argument can you make that doesnt escalate any destructive acts and convinces me to not defend myself violently to stop your ignorant or intentional acts of unwarranted aggression against me if you won't stop or change your ways?





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