In the age of information, we grow dependent; not on others to provide for us, but on the abundance of confidence that someone else has already done or said 'X' that we can take for our own in use of how but not why.  Because of this, many silently believe there is nothing 'new' under the sun.  'New' is unimportant.  However, to create, now that is something special.  So in our age of information, we grow dependent on taking ideas instead of creating them.  That is what enough of us are struggling with.  

How to create what we need and what we want is the power to change Humanity.  To take, threaten, coerce or anything akin is also power; but it is only power in the beginning.  Eventually such becomes a crutch; if not to the initial user, then to the user's followers or offspring.  Contrarily, the power to create seems woefully ineffective in the beginning; unfortunately elitist in the end by so many with out those learned lessons; often spurned by many more for no other reason than a lack of invest of love and support when they most needed it.  To correct that later in life requires so many more resources; a scale of which many who do learn to create then become their own knowledge level equivalent of those who only learned to take.  An evolved variant of issuing threats offensively to provide defense; the 'or else' pillars of nonaggression.  So the few who earnestly strive to learn and continue their comprehension of how to create tend to feel heavily burdened by the empathy they employ when interacting with the sorrow and despair of the world.

We needn't worry about the damning ridicule of those who say not to reinvent the wheel.  In learning how to create that proverbial wheel, we are teaching ourselves how to create at all.  It is the fundamental purpose of understanding the question: Why?  Then when the soul driven to ask, then answer the question understands both; such a power to think in that fashion accelerates and fuels their inner voice in a way no amount of coercion can ever match.  This is the fundamental center point of Voluntaryism, of morality, of peace, of freedom, value; of Liberty.