Something seems to be changing here.

So things are moving along.
It's been a rough Summer.  A few bouts of anxiety to contend with among some things.  

It's nice to be back editing, creating, and uploading again.
24 Aug 2019

So many things to do!

I just moved into a new house!  Lots of things to do!

But I've not forgotten the work I want to do here!
So many videos to edit, more to record!

Stick with me and in time I'll help show the world something it's not seen before!
22, April, 2019

Things are changing here.  Something unique is happening.  An evolution perhaps?  Yes.  That idea appears to be rather fitting!

Keep checking in on this site.  
The 10th of October in the year 12,018.

Hello, Sinatra8020!
12, Oct 2018

Ah, the great facebook purge of 2018.
Just another reason to have multiple platforms from which to speak!  
12, Oct 2018


Hmm, a new camera pod.  Some lighting is helpful.  How about that.  A studio too!

I wonder how well these new things will turn out!
14, Oct 2018


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