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Anarchy, Government, & Morality.

17 September 2014
"To say an anarchist society would be devoid of morality ignores the entire reason people are anarchists.  The only reason to be an anarchist is the realization that the state itself is an immoral institution.  Anarchism is rooted in a belief in morality."
-Fred Autonom



And the foundation of morality is not religion, a god, or even a code of honor.  The foundation of morality is the concept of Humanity's survival in terms of rejecting acts of aggression outside of the realm of self defense between human beings.  Morality is about protecting human life from other human life. 


What we get wrong about this concept today, via government, is that we can justify the use of unwarranted acts of aggression to limit the abilities of the individual in order to protect the collective from the 'what if' actions of the individual. 


This works in direct conflict and contradiction to the idea of morality; for when limitations are placed on individuals the ideas that could have stopped any number of possible negative 'what ifs' are retarded by fear of retaliation and additional unwarranted intervention from the authority justifying the use of unwarranted aggression.


By imposing this ideology of justified acts of aggression outside of the realm of self defense we are hindering our abilities to survive. Morality is rooted in the idea of protecting human life from human life; but the way government is set up we are perpetuating the stage of some humans having the legal rights to hurt and kill other humans.


But more importantly, the unforeseen consequence of this is that we are retarding our abilities to refine our time, intellect, and labor to disperse from our homes designed to evade what we cannot control; nature and the universe.  By continuing to justify restrictions and limitations on what the individual can do through the justification of allow acts of unwarranted aggression via government, we are increasing the likelihood of being annihilated by natural and cosmic events.


In other words, the longer we restrict the abilities of the individual to refine his/her time, intellect, and labor we are increasing the chances that humanity will be wiped out in direct conjunction with justified acts of unwarranted aggression by other humans. 





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