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About Jim-JLD

Jim Limber Davis was born to an American woman and a European father.  He grew up in the Southern United States.  Eventually he moved north, to Indiana, adopted his daughter in 2005 with open arms and no regrets!


Since then Mr. Davis has become very fond of history, economics, and fixing the terrible conditions that plague humanity one mind at a time.  After being struck with a couple of layoffs beginning in 2008, Mr. Davis began rejecting government welfare entirely and set out to understand the problems that were causing his terrible luck.


Above everything else, Mr. Davis is a man devoted to the principles of voluntaryism and nonaggression.  In personal debates he is very passionate.  He means what he says and he says what he means.  He is very much the product of two systems set in eternal conflict with one another; tyranny and liberty, and these very much include the North versus South debate that continues to rage in the United States to this day!



While his life is nothing compared to that of characters such as Edmond Dantes, V, or Frodo Baggins, Jim Limber Davis is more of a individual who was caught up in a storm and pulled himself up without the aid of a priest and his treasure map, a special biological enhancement, or even the friendship of a wizard and mighty fellowship.  He pulled himself up by his own will and determination.  Cliché as it sounds it was his determination, fueled by the love of his companion and his adopted daughter, to understand the world around him. 


Mr. Davis is a man, like so many of us, who is forgotten and left to fend for himself while the rest of society’s vultures pick what they can off the weakened state of affairs brought to us by the perpetuation of government.  He is one individual who is determined to make a positive change through voluntary and peaceful means or die trying.


Mr. Davis is an avid reader and mostly self educated with some college experience. His self educated background is comprised mostly of spending hours searching and reading the documents that are scattered throughout American History.  While most with a passion for history outside of a standard educational setting are avid readers of information compiled by others, Mr. Davis compiled the information himself by digging through the resources listed in the books written by others; and by spending hundreds of hours on the phone and personally going through several state archives.  If satire is what you're looking for this ain't it!  You'll get a down to the bones explaination of who, what, when, where, why, and how.; not just mere explanations of opinions.



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