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Blessed are the peace makers!

"Homosexual people are a scourge upon the world."  "Women are to be subservient to men."  "God loves us but tests us with pain and suffering."


It matters little the justification behind such things unless done out of self defense and without you yourself causing the aggressor reason to aggress.  And even if unwarranted acts of aggression are done predominantly by a particular group not all in that group should be blamed; only those who act so.  So many things are done to hurt others in the name of this, that, and the other.  The goal in doing such things maybe noble or it might not be.


If noble it's about teaching; but it's being handled poorly.  If such lessons cannot be taught in a manner that reveres logic and reason and patience over justifying unwarranted acts of aggression and coercion then the subject material might not be understood well enough.  Sometimes these lessons are understood but the mind which understands them lacks the proficiency to explain them.  If this is the case then the mind wishing to teach others needs to a lot more time to understanding the subject material and how to relay its messages.


If the justification behind such unwarranted acts of aggression and coercion are done to profit the individual then why does the individual do what he or she does?  It's a smoke screen at worst and a poor shield at best.


The justification of being taught something is right or wrong as a shield against developing critical thinking skills is a poor substitute for actually trying to acquire critical thinking skills.  Most religions teach peace in some capacity.  In fact I'm certain that the vast majority of religions teach peace.


The trouble is that people justify the permits for aggression outside of the realm of self defense to benefit themselves in the short term.  They cherry pick the verses and quotes and chapters and pages to promote what they want here and now!


Too many gloss over or reject the fact that peace is taught.  These people don't take the time to think about how they could improve their own lives by helping to improve the lives of others by simply asking them honest questions to learn.  They instead choose ignorance, ignorantly or by design.


I would venture to ask if the Holy Books of the world still teach, "Blessed are the peace makers;" but I know they do.  The problem is that the Holy Books, like government, and other forms of collectivism do not teach critical thinking.  That is why Humanity is constantly at war with itself. 


Regardless…Don't the Holy Books of the world still teach, "Blessed are the peace makers?"





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