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Jim Does Speaking Engagements!

I'm not typically a public speaker.  However, I do have a passion for explaining the things that I've learned; and of those things are liberty, morality, and economics.  I'm not Rothbard, Mises, or Tom Woods.  I'm Jim Limber Davis.


What these guys, and other leaders in the various liberty movements, often forget is how to actually define the aforementioned topics.  Of course it's easy to over look these things and get caught up in the moment of stopping the tyranny that is so deadly.


But we need to remind ourselves that the best defense is not the best offense but the best educational practices that recognize the moment of curiosity that each human being shows when trying to understand their own limits in relation to other human beings!  If we miss that point then all other attempts to find it again are often stifled because the status quo of government as a necessary evil has already found them.  And that's why I decided to write and give away for free Liberty Defined, soon to be Morality Defined, and in time also Economics Defined.


If you've read my work, engaged me in social media, or would just like to have me speak in front of a prearranged group about my discovers and ideas then contact me about setting up arrangements.


I'm not looking to get rich off of speaking.  A little bit to compensate my time and cover my costs is about it!  So for starters, if you're interested in having me speak in the greater Cincinnati area I'm only asking for $125.  That covers my travel expenses and time.  If looking to acquiring my time in the Lexington, Louisville, Dayton, or Indianapolis area $200 is what I'm asking.


Each day includes eight hours of my time and my undivided attention, unless otherwise agreed upon.  If you have any other questions please feel free to contract me via Jim Limber Davis or through Defined .





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