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Furry & Fluffy!

Meet Jango!  He's my new best friend, a Siberian red & white Husky!  He and I were born on the same day, May 12th!

So far we do almost everything together.  Makes messes, exercise, and get into trouble!

Okay, not really get into trouble but he tries to get me into trouble!  I'm not the greatest people person out there but he loves people.  He's very friendly and a bit of a nibbler!

It's tough to not want to share him with the world since he's such a wonderful companion.  I'll upload new videos and photos of him from time to time! 

If you would like to contribute to helping him feel free to click the donate button and I will use your contribution exclusively for him.  In addition I will upload pictures and videos of what your contributions purchase for him and mark you as a friend of Jango's on this page!

I hope you enjoy him as much as I do!
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August 2015 thru late Oct 2015
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