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Who am I and what do I want?


I’m the master of my own voice; and I want to help others understand the world of Humanity!  With my voice I intend to leave a better world than the one I was given.  And I intend to do that by helping others understand the things I struggled with.


We each have a unique perspective.  Those are shaped by the experiences we acquire.  Sometimes we understand these experiences.  Sometimes we do not.


These are my stories, thoughts, and lessons learned.  Everything is crafted from a single foundation of thought.  Some of my struggles seem terrible.  Others seem laughable.  This is not a competition.  It is single path walked exclusively by me as yours is walked exclusively by you. 


I’ve started this by deciding long ago to answer the questions:

Who and I?
...and what do I want?

Iroh Quote.jpg

It is just a happy coincidence that the character arc of Zuko had a fantastically worded variation of what I did not know how to convey in the mid 2000s!

Like anyone else, I’m a culmination of all of my experiences; and how well I understand them.  Many of these experiences include wonderful expressions of storytelling like Doctor Who, Naruto, Avatar the Last Airbender (the animated series, not the movie by M.N.S.), Star Wars, the worlds of J.R.R. Tolkien, Star Trek, classic monster movies, action movies, history, and more!


I find tremendous value in storytelling.  It is a power that many overlook; sometimes because they honestly do not understand, others because they forget the magic they experienced with them.  Among the most tragic experiences is to be told by those I’m close to that they prefer to be rooted in what they consider the ‘real world.’  For me it is heartbreaking.


Though I harbor no ill will towards those people, it was the storytelling of others which gave me insight into myself as a child.  I learned to find hope, though I did not understand that is what it was, during times of great stress as I coward from the angry hand of my father.


Then it was storytelling again that mended my heart when the world ripped it apart as I entered adulthood.  Once more it was storytelling that rebuilt my heart when my first relationship set it ablaze and them stomped all over it.  And as I grew, storytelling rebuilt everything again.


Over the course of fourteen long years, storytelling and daydreaming created something I didn’t know about myself.  It took the love and patience of a new partner who wanted to hear and read the stories I created.  She found the walls I constructed around my heart in defense of the world easy to bypass.


She shared her own stories and before I knew it, she held keys to the kingdom and helped me through storytelling delve even deeper into what all of my own experiences created.  I changed the way I thought about everything.  And that everything is me!


I learned how I learn.  I learned how I see things.  And I learned how to tell my own story to me!


Where once I learned the lessons of martial arts and the confidence it created in me when faced with playground bullies, I learned the lessons of problem solving, attention to detail, and the powers of deduction through many characters like Sherlock Holmes.  For me movies were the medium of storytelling.  And through them I discovered so many amazing ideas!


A few movies were treasure troves of life lessons.  The original Star Wars trilogy and the music helped me to make sense of my life.  I could be the hero.  And then as I aged and grew, the prequals came.  And they were followed by The Lord of the Rings.


It was in Samwise Gamgee I found who I could be inspired by the most;  an unlikely hero given a task and situation unable to be refused.  And he comes back wiser, stronger, and more aware of who he is because he took up the challenge of finding out who he was to himself.


Storytelling is the crux of communication.  Deconstructing them helps us learn a great deal of things.  I learned how to break down ideas.  From there I figured out big concepts to me, like Liberty, Wealth, Peace, and Morality.  I created things others have created before my time; but I did so on my terms and without knowledge of their creations!


I’m proud of my achievements.  So please explore the voice that is my website.  Let me know if what I have to share has inspired or helped you as much as it has helped me!

You can do this by following me on social media.  See above for Facebook; below for Twitter and Youtube!

-Jim Limber Davis

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