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When Does it Stop?

27 May 2014
The logic behind the justification of physically violent force or coercion is to aid others who either reject logic and reasoning or do not agree with it.  To force another to accept an idea, regardless of how logically thought out and morally correct it maybe, is in itself immoral; because it neglects the consent of the individual proposed to be aided.


Which option allows for the highest moral ground?


Forcing an ideology onto another person that ultimately fails and leads to the destruction and or death of that person




Presenting an argument for the dissenting person to agree upon and accept the fate of his/her own decision? 


Of course if the forced decision turns out positive is it any more morally correct than if it failed?


At what point does the justification of forcing ideologies and their enactment upon others cease out of respect for the right to consent of others?  The idea of violently coercing others to engage in a particularly desirable behavior is the basis for all governments.  It is immoral.  The means do not always justify the end. 


If people can justify the use of violence outside the realm of self defense for the purpose of helping others then where does that justification for initiating violence stop?  Does it stop at 1% taxation instead of 33%?  Does it stop at a handful of rules instead of a twelve volume set each compiled with 85,000 rules?  Does it stop at 13 years of mandatory schooling or 16 years?  Does it stop at an occasional use of mandatory service via draft laws or a constant two years of mandatory military service upon turning 18 years of age?  When does the justification of initiating violence against others to coerce conformity stop?


To justify the use of violence against others outside the realm of self defense is immoral.  To argue that it might be necessary is to argue that hurting others for their own good is necessary.  By that logic everyone should have their hand placed on a hot stove at two years old to learn that heat/fire burns.








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