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Why is there so much civil unrest in the world?

14 September 2014
(Syria, Ukraine, Thailand, Venezuela, Egypt, Turkey, Spain, Greece, Cyprus, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Mexico, Bulgaria, Brazil, Argentina, Central African Republic, Democratic Republic of Congo, Mali, Nigeria, Somalia, Sudan & South Sudan)


I would venture to argue that there is so much civil unrest in the world because people are at odds with the contradictions they uphold concerning the concept of government; a concept which is built on double standards which forbid the individual from doing unless the individual is part of a collective.


Of course this is made possible by individuals justifying, by turning a blind eye to, the single most egregious of all government AND collective based atrocities, the blatant rejection of the individual's consent to be governed at all.


People do not seem to understand that concept well enough to explain it to others as a means to reason with them in order to stop unwarranted acts of aggression.  This is likely due in part to their failure, by innocence or design, to recognize property rights.


Property rights begin with self ownership.  Self ownership begins with the body and all that reside within it.  This includes the mind too!  By extension self ownership includes the three, and arguably most infinite, natural resources humanity has to offer; time, intellect, and labor.


To continue this theme, self ownership extends to ownership of the refinement of these three natural resources into goods, services, and ideas that are the property of the individual who refined them into useful goods, services, or ideas; until exchanged by voluntary means.


Because people do not understand the core of the concept of property rights I argue that people do not understand wholly the idea of consent; consent to be governed at all stems from the idea that each individual owns him or herself until voluntarily entering into a contract with another.


People are often conflicted, it seems, as is evident by their failures to fight with reason and logic against others who claim some right to the jurisdiction over them for the purpose of governing; while justifying their disregard for property rights-again starting with self ownership-with the noble intent to aid others in some capacity.


This isn't just a problem for the nations and countries of people listed; but for all people in all societies, including the United States of America and even Canada.  Why?


I argue that it is so because most societies are founded on the philosophy of authority by means of might makes right.  This is evident in the numerous appeals to established authority that maintains itself by upholding laws that protect their interests in continuing their existence; aka, tax laws and always increasing bureaucracies that increasing shields their components from legal and just retaliation from those indoctrinated to give their consent and especially against those recognizing that they did not give their consent to be governed at all!





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