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Cowardice of Guilt

I'm an able bodied man and Christopher Cantwell is a poorly executed intellectual who thrives of shock value and the same emotional tactics that promote statism.

Do I really care what he says at the end of the day?

Not really but I need to pay attention to it.



Because other people do who will likely threaten my life because they don't think things through. Just like proponents of government.

Drawing a line in the sand for this issue is akin to George Takei fighting for gay rights when the solution is human rights. Sure everyone has their moment of enlightenment, but Cantwell is supposedly smarter than this.  And if it wasn't because he was so popular in the liberty movements I wouldn't care as much.   But he is just as guilty as a proponent of government for causing havoc by justifying unnecessarily spiteful tactics.

With my best Obama impression, "Let me be clear!"

Just because someone doesn't take up arms with you for a cause doesn't make them a coward. But trying to guilt people into joining your cause makes you an intellectual coward. 

Read his full piece here,…/you-will-not-draft-our-wo…/ ,

Yeah, I know this is giving him exposure.

He likes any publicity he can get. But it is important to ensure that people have all sides to the story before making a judgment one way or the other.

There are better ways to teach liberty.  And yes, I know everyone learns differently.  I truly understand that.  Unfortunately, teaching people how they are comfortable learning at the emotional expense of others or by boosting their sense of self esteem by putting others down to get a point across alongside a lesson is a poor execution of critical thinking skills. 

Try teaching others how to learn and how to think instead of just telling them what to think and scaring them with threats if they don't comply.  That's the problem with so many in the liberty movements.  They are so occupied with trying to get their message out there that they forget how to deliver it without ensuring their message is in lock step with their actions.  Lead by example, not by intimidating shouts.
Lastly, I know I’m not for everyone. I’m not better than anyone out there or smarter or wiser. Well, at least not until someone decides to stop trying to be better than they were the previous day. And that is something that a lot more liberty minded folks need to keep re-learning every day.



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