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If you’ve enjoyed the work I do, please donate!


Every dollar helps maintain this platform and purchases more of my time to do these things!


To date I have written and give away for free all published material on this site, two books on liberty and morality, and even a few audio programs discussing the foundations of self ownership, liberty, and morality.


In the works I have a number of science fiction / fantasy books coming along.  Some of these will be given away for free and others will be sold.  But no matter what, I enjoy doing the work I have published on my site and wish to keep going.


In order to do that I need to ensure I have the basic expenses covered.  If you can’t donate today but know someone else who can, please encourage them to!  And be sure to let them know that most of my work is free!  Donations not required but greatly appreciated!


Thank you!

Any Amount







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