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Books by Jim Limber Davis


After more than 20 years of thinking, reading, researching, and figuring out how to organize the thoughts in his head, Jim Limber Davis has crafted an eBook, and the start of a trend, that will empower the individual to truly understand how to be free; starting in his/her mind first!

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Liberty Defind (eBook)


Government should be remembered as an antiquated idea befitting a less civilized period of Humanity's history!


The enemies of liberty are everywhere.  Often innocent people are completely unaware of the results of their actions.  Here liberty is clearly defined.  The most terrible losses of liberty always come, not from well thought out plans of attack but, from those who inadequately defend it!


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Morality Defined Anchor
Morality Defined (eBook)


Morality is the basis for liberty. Morality is also the cause for so many evils committed by otherwise good hearted people trying to affect a change in other people’s behaviors through force of arms outside of the realm of their own direct self defense. From religion to government and the magic of guilt, morality is invoked to give authority to those who wish to control others.

Morality today is commonly misunderstood by appealing to some authority which dictates right from wrong with no clear litmus test.

It’s time to end the suffering. If we are going to leave a better world for our children, then we need to leave better children for the world. So we should lead by example and be the change we want to see in the world.


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What Hope Will Come? (eBook)


There are stories that we know well and believe them to be works of fiction. Sometimes these stories are created as propaganda by governments to deceive their people; but when they’re not who is doing the deceiving?

Long we have suspected the existence of secret organizations that hold the truth about the universe and the history of Earth. We’ve known for a long time we are not alone. What we didn’t know is that we would be the first to conquer the stars…honestly. We would be the first to lay the only real foundation for an intergalactic society.

This is a collection of ten short stories detailing the events leading up to the fulfillment of a prophesy about hope and salvation. Long before Humanity, as we know it was dreamt of, the mortal universe was at war. Its creation was fraught with personal strife by its designers and their creations and left to survive on its own due to events it was created to alter.

Now the race of mankind was all but forgotten until it was discovered again by two demonic brothers engaged in a power struggle. They have unwittingly reintroduced mankind to the known universe and doomed their fates.


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What Hope WIll Come
The Hunter's Gambit

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The Hunter's Gambit (series)

Christmas 2015

Winning the Great Hunt of Mandalore was just a turning point.  Erikson Autarchic survived far greater ordeals which propelled him to victory in one of the galaxy’s more infamous tribunals of skill, courage, and cunning; and it’s been nearly ten years since.


The showdown between him and the two catalysts which forced this journey upon him is looming ever nearer.  With the galaxy at war again, one hunter will lead the charge against three warring factions, discover the secrets of the galaxy’s origins, and send a clear message to Imperials and Republic leadership concerning the origins of real power and authority; but he will be forced to pay one more toll before the healing begins.



Hope: The Arrival
Hope: The Arrival


The stories laid out in What Hope Will Come have set the ground work for the adventure to begin.  Everything we thought we knew about science, Humanity, religion, and God is about to change forever.  Science is about to merge with religion and become something new yet familiar; and at the front of this change of events will be Lt. Jak Keller.


With the old governments of centuries past mostly rejected in favor of open societies, which value individual reputations instead of coercively imposed ideologies, the descendents of Earth’s humans must figure out the clues to their destiny or be lost forever this time.  And that will be no small feat.


War wages on earth the likes of which has never been seen.  An ancient evil older than the Earth plots to dominate for its own survival; but it brings something else with it.  There is something in its authoritative commands that subdue some of the more evolved Humans of Earth.  It twists them and corrupts them into craving power, dominance, and control.


But what Jak Keller finds is the exact opposite on a lost colony of Humans that didn’t originate on Earth.  Will his findings be enough to subdue this new evil on Earth and allow Humanity to fulfill its destiny?


Coming Soon!

Master of the Universe

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Coming Soon
Master of the Universe

Coming soon!


In What Hope Will Come you read about Fendorei’s disappearance.  In Master of the Universe you will follow him through that portal.  He will fulfill a prophesy, acquire tremendous power, and suffer his curse of wisdom.  His only redemption for ill deeds in his acquisition of knowledge will be to aid Humanity when it returns to the known universe.


He struggles to maintain power.  But that power is nothing but true understanding.  He’s learned secrets beyond the capacity for most to fathom.  And that knowledge will come at a price.  He will never again be able to have a life partner.  He will forever live alone in solitude.


His path is marked with hardships only a rare few will understand wholly; and of them one isn’t even supposed to know of this mortal universe. 


Anonymous Publications
Anonymous Publications

Coming soon!

There comes a time when what was believed to be liberating is now enslaving.  A history of nobility has warped into a future of despair.  Through the publications of current events a story is told leading up to the greatest event in Humanity's history.  Contact.

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