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How Free are We?

If we look back 114 years ago to the year 1900 and compare the freedoms enjoyed by the people then versus what we enjoy today what will we see?  Will we see ourselves as more or less free?


Are we really freer today than then?

Why do we need passports to travel in between lands?

Were the national debts more or less than what we have today?  (Counting for inflation of course)

Were our children mandated to attend schools?  And if we couldn’t afford to send our children to a school of our choice were they were sent to a government run school by legal mandate?


Was there a military industrial complex then?


Was there an income tax then?


Was there a plethora of alphabet soup programs to intervene in the daily lives of honest individuals?


What was considered a person’s country, the land designated as what we call a state today or the land designated as what we call the United States today?


If you answer these questions honestly then you will conclude that we are far less free today than our great grandparents’ generations. 


So I ask you this question:  Are we, as Americans, freer after every war fought after 1776 or less free?




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