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Many things are do what they do!  No wrong way to anarchy, is there.  Accept the consequences of your actions you do.  Understand this you will or last breath you may draw.  Government creates not the peace Humanity craves.  Illusions of control enforced with fear and threats of compliance it maintains.


People if they are scared no longer of the law man lose their morality do they?  No.  Fearful of retaliation by others they attempt to hinder, harm, or hate upon they are.  Grandma can carry a .50 cal in her purse and ask questions of the purse snatcher’s family later.


*GASP*  Not civilized you say?  What care you of civilized if you believe using government to cow me and others into obedience with the lawman’s gun?!?


Maybe better to not steal Grandma’s purse if find you instant death overkill!  Hahahahahaha!  Puns.


Under government Grandma is robbed and the robber is free until the government oppressing the Grandma can prove her innocence and the guilt of the robber.  No to self defense says the government under threat of jail or death by the hands the lawman.  But with no lawman, the robber will make a choice in his long term favor when thinking straightly.


“Can I win against Grandma?  Does Grandma have a .50 cal or just a pepper spray?  I don’t know.  I can study her for weeks to learn.  But much work that is.  Easier to get a job me thinks!”


So see you there is a choice for all we do.  Like peanut butter cups, there is no wrong way to anarchy when you understand and honorably accept the consequences of your choices.


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What is Anarchy?

Rules without rulers is a great thing.

How do we make this happen? What do we need to understand? What questions do we need to ask? So many things to learn. I think I am liking this idea of being free.


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