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The Philosophy of Voluntaryism


Around early January 2017 I was recording a podcast with Danilo Cuellar.  After the recording was completed we got to talking about how so many other podcasts are just a group of people chatting away with jabs at the things they dislike.  Occasionally there were clever ideas brought up.  But most of the time it just seems to be more of the same ‘ole echo chambers.


We wanted something that was more substance, less generic commentary.  We were looking to discuss ideas, not people.  Thus the Philosophy of Voluntaryism was born!


It is our goals to promote peace by understanding its purpose.  Sure we ask some of the same questions as others.  The difference is that we don’t accept generic answers!  We want to understand and share the enlightenment found at the root of all our ideas.  We want to understand beyond sentiment so that we can teach The Philosophy of Voluntaryism to others as if we are teaching a blind individual who has never seen the color red before what the color red looks like


It is a monumental task, indeed!  We want to provide a clear path of thought progression from what we currently understand to what we do not and back around to what goal we are seeking.  If we can do more, we will!  The idea is to provide a set of means which do not contradict or endanger the goal; thus peace is never the goal.  Peace is merely a means to the goal.


So what is the goal?  Greater enlightenment, self achievement, and prosperity where people are able to confidently refine their time, intellect, and labor to focus on these endeavors instead of calculated risks of defense spending against others capable of being reasoned with but refuse to be.


Danilo and I are doing our darndest to help make the world a better place through our actions of patience and willingness to teach everything we know and learn even more!  To do this we are creating video content which is designed to help teach others. 

This format will primarily be video and audio content.  Please explore our endeavors and don't forget to Like, Share, Subscribe, and Comment to ensure you get the latest updates. 


-Jim Limber Davis


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We know there is a lot we still need to do with our website.  Bear with us as we make improvements, add content, and perform general maintenance.  We do all of this because we care about liberty.  If you'd like to help expedite this process, donate.  That will free us up from working 9-5 jobs so we can focus on this just for you!

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PoV Memes / Sharable Graphics

Memes have gotten to be a popular things...apparently!  While what we do share are not edgy they are informative.  Feel free to browse what we have!

The Philosophy of Voluntaryism is primarily a video / podcast production.  We produce a few different kinds of content.  Our main production is a monthly recording where we discuss big ideas, break them down, and do what others don't; make offer much greater clarity and completion to the ideas of peace, morality, freedom, and love.


From time to time we produce written works too!  You can find these here.  We don't always want to listen to the voices of others and that's okay!  Here you can browse our written works and consume them at your leisure instead of at the pace of our speech.  

Suggested Reading

Here you will find a list of suggested reading material, primarily books.  We've selected these works because they are helpful understanding different perspectives on the Philosophy of Voluntaryism.  While much of the work created by Jim is based on his books, we've decided to share a list of other works too!

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