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The Hunter's Gambit; an eBook series!

A note to the reader...

This series is being written for the sole purpose of being given away for free without profit!  If you would like to contribute please donate and contribute any amount you'd like! 

I'm an avid Star Wars fan and wanted to create something not yet seen or written about without having to wait for all the red tape and legal hindrances associated with crafting a for profit work.

Book One:  Revelations
Introduction to The Old Republic setting and the hidden secrets of CZERKA Corp.

Status: Written, working on final edits, and artist renderings / cover art

Book Two: Doubtful Pride
Jedi Master Sateel Shan has many things to consider, including the forgotten history of the Jedi order and its lost secrets coveted by Darth Malgus and Darth Revan alike.  What happened to Sateel at the end of Revelations pushes her nearly to the brink of self destruction until she discovers the truth behind Erikson’s exploits.

status: Currently being written


Book Three: Connections

With Republic law called off the hunt of Erikson, including most Jedi, the only barriers remaining for the completion of his mission are Revan, Malgus, and a handful of Jedi Sentinels not under the command of Sateel but another Jedi Master not of this galaxy.

Status: story boards / timelines written-not set in stone

Book Four: War

The current war being waged with propaganda between Republic, Imperial, and Revanite forces is not even close to the actual events perpetuating this conflict.  But it is going to reach Tython, the Jedi’s ancient home world, and Korriban, the Sith’s ancient home world with some very interesting visitors from another realm; one in which small green monsters are spawned.

Status: story boards / timelines mostly completed.

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Book 1: Revelations


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Winning the Great Hunt of Mandalore was just a turning point.  Erikson Autarchic survived far greater ordeals which propelled him to victory in one of the galaxy’s more infamous tribunals of skill, courage, and cunning; and it’s been nearly ten years since.


The showdown between him and the two catalysts which forced this journey upon him is looming ever nearer.  With the galaxy at war again, one hunter will lead the charge against three warring factions, discover the secrets of the galaxy’s origins, and send a clear message to Imperials and Republic leadership concerning the origins of real power and authority; but he will be forced to pay one more toll before the healing begins.

Want to know more?
Set nearly a thousand years before the slaughter of Darth Plageuis and the rise of Emperor Palpatine with the execution of order 66, this series is about a young boy whose family was ripped away by Jedi serving the Republic.  They wanted no opposition and followed their orders meticulously to terminate all non-Jedi orchestrated training and control all new Force sensitive beings to serve the Republic or be watched closely.  This included the Revanite training camps where this young boy would be separated from his family.

He was deemed not Force sensitive by the Jedi and orphaned while his parents and sister were sent to a prison and reeducation facility on a distant world.  As he aged he learned a great many skills ranging from pilot and engineer to warrior and spy in the ranks of the Republic Navy all the while unraveling his secret powers, still unnoticed by the Jedi.

From the age of five until twenty-two, this victim of Republic arrogance acquired skill after skill until he found a calling as a smuggler bringing medicine to the victims of the Republic’s war with the Empire in order to earn the credits to free his family from that Republic prison planet by paying the tyrannical fines levied against them.   Some benevolent defenders of liberty the Jedi and their Republic turned out to be.

Eventually Republic law caught up to this young smuggler and his ship was confiscated.  To make matters worse, he learned shortly thereafter that Imperial operations succeeded in destroying that Republic prison in a raid against Jedi leadership.

Ten years later with nothing to lose, grudges still burning hot, and a team of allies at his side, Erikson Autarchic is about to change things forever if he survives the return of Revan.

Art by Adriane Hughes

Book Five: *Hidden*

Something is born.  Something is torn.  And something is forlorn.

Status: Unknown

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