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Abolish Money, Have better life styles!



“Can you imagine how far advanced our civilization would be if we removed monetary gain?  If we had a currency free civilization we could be taking shuttles to anywhere in the world we want right now, rather than stuck in traffic trying to hurry home, so that we can relax for a couple of hours before bed.”



I’m not certain exactly what it is about people who choose to believe that money is somehow the problem.  Money is just a means to an end.  Money is simply a store of wealth, of the refinement of your time, intellect, and labor to trade more quickly and easily with others for the goods and services of real wealth that can directly satisfy one or more of the four basics of your life; sustenance, shelter, security, and happiness.  The idea that money is the problem is more of a hindrance itself than government it seems.


In other words, not understanding economics is precisely why people come to this conclusion.  There is no guarantee that the abolition of money will create these marvelous dreams of wonder if people can’t be compensated with something that improves their lives in return for labors they may or may not wish to enjoy themselves.  Not everyone shares the same utopian dreams or even the same fantasies; let alone the same tastes in anything most of the time.


We are all different and being paid in what we desire the most is not very feasible.  Johnny Appleseed may love oranges but regular employers at the steel foundry can’t acquire such.  So Johnny has to find an employer who will or be willing to accept something else in exchange that will allow him to acquire what he wants.  Therefore abolishing money won’t help Johnny.  And what if Johnny doesn’t want a shuttle to travel everywhere and instead prefers to walk barefoot whenever he can?


There are far more Johnny’s in the world than not; and that is going to be a problem.  Secondary is the concept that somehow enough people will be able to be convinced that abolishing money is going to be feasible.  If we can’t even agree on whether or not to have government without shooting at one another or even name calling how are we going to take a voluntary idea such as money and take it away!? 


To make a statement such as the aforementioned question is to show others that you don’t understand economics or the basics of money.  I don’t mean to be harsh but if you don’t understand how money works then you probably don’t need to be putting forth ideas about how we can live better.  There may be a better way than money but until that is found, and even if it is found, money will continue to be among the best means to exchange things because of the number of middlemen it eliminates from the multitude of exchanges direct bartering requires.


And again, even if a better way is found personal preference will still dictate the usage of money in the same fashion many people, including myself, prefer tangible books in their hands instead of eBooks.






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