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A Dangerous Notion


A dangerous notion is that if one is successful and magnificent in a particular field of study, work, or talent that they are equal in other endeavors without the years of study, work, or aptitude refinement.

So why is this important?

Well, many people in positions of leadership or authority are deemed wiser than those whom are not. A manager in a work place is the go to for all beneath his or her dominion. We are taught that police are a go to for public service crisis. Popular Hollywood entertainers and wealthy business people are also seen as authorities because they are much better off than most of everyone else.

People tend to take what a successful individual has to say about a topic as good advice more often than not because they are successful with at least one thing that is noticeable to the world.

What about being successful in things that are not noticeable by the world? Why are these people not taken as seriously as those whom are noticed for success by the world?

Because they are not invested in the same as those whom are noticed! They do not have the attention of the world which is making them popular. The idea is to gain the attention of others.

Sometimes this is done purposefully to engage in some kind of a transaction. Other times this is done because others notice something they want and seek the interaction to create a transaction. The point is that people cannot acknowledge what they cannot see.

And sometimes what is seen is simply not recognized for what it is. Success and the ability to increase the success of others in different avenues of life from being hired to selling a product and more is often not recognized because people don't know that they could benefit from self improvement let alone know how to do so; or even realize they need to benefit for whatever reasons.

The opposite side of this is that all the people in positions of leadership and authority make statements and lead people into many bad positions because the people following them also do not know how to comprehend the potential dangers of what they are celebrating, advocating, or otherwise promoting.

This isn’t about placing blame on people seen as authorities and none on those who see them as authorities.  Philosophically to do that would be a nightmare of unimaginable proportions.  To come close to holding people responsible for such seemingly small acts as making a statement about something would require intimately detailed knowledge of the internal machinations of the speaker in question.

And even if Humanity possessed the technology of the Minority Report movie with Tom Cruise to see the future ‘what ifs’ and see the choices of internal dialogue inside the head of said speaker conflicting questions of moral principle would need answering first.  We as a species have not even truly begun to tackle the idea of ‘why we invoke morality’, let alone the actual morality of government as a non-consent conflicting idea in action.  This shows how little people overall seem to comprehend or are willing to show openly that they understand.

People often times cannot recognize danger anymore than they can recognize success when it is right in front of their faces and all their senses because they don't know how to interpret the data they are acquiring. Humanity as a whole is so far generally still nescient about so much.


Simply put, for the same reason government, religion, and unwarranted coercion still exist!!!

People have not yet in sufficient numbers advanced their thinking beyond the two following ideas:
-What can I get from others?
-How can I get ahead of others?

To put this into something more practical in terms of everyday life, how often do you think people sit down in a week of lazy afternoons to ponder the reason why we invoke morality or even how to create a morally consistent philosophy?  What about the frequency of moments a majority portion of Humanity has decided to question openly and peacefully in discussion with others all the contradictory points of the major religions of the world?  This isn’t about shaming or trying to be better than others.

We don’t need to see who can come up with the best and most consistent philosophy.  We only need to figure out how to make it happen and then figure out how to maximize the most peaceful way to implement it.

The idea is not to compete with others per se. The idea is to seek that common ground and find out how we can complement the skills of others to improve all of our situations together through our endeavors.

This is an idea which will take a long time to work. The unintended consequences of taxation and what they do to economic freedoms tremendously hinder our abilities to make the time to seek this common ground. Taxation doesn't encourage friendly competition.


This is just one tiny idea that is so grossly mutated by taxation, that authority is seen as those whom have power instead of as those whom are actively teaching others how to teach instead of just learn for themselves.  This is about empowering others to understand the purpose of asking questions and seeking knowledge.

So the next time someone important makes a statement and you truly revel in the mind presenting information to you, research it.  If there is any shred of doubt, make time to research the information.  Even if you already think you know this information to be true, research it anyway.

Safety concerning the quality of your life is no accident.  It’s your life.  Allow others you trust to help you help yourself.  Just don’t rely upon them to do all the important things for you, such as researching information that could benefit or harm your abilities to maintain and improve the quality of your life.


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