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Agorism, is it in your game?


Agorism is about the exchange of goods, services, and ideas-wealth if you will, as I’ve defined it in my eBook, Liberty Defined-with a combination of bartering and money.


Agorism is the default of exchange and trade in many areas where goods, services, and ideas are a little more difficult to come by.  Agorism is also the default in any society where individuals seek to acquire goods, services, and ideas, without having to have exclusively one form of payment all the time.


It’s important to understand this concept, agorism.  If taxation wasn’t in existence or was suddenly abolished tomorrow, most people who don’t have a lot of money will be able to exchange their goods, services, and ideas with others in combination with what money they may have or are willing to accept in exchange for others goods, services, and ideas more readily.  Why?


Because taxation will no longer be coercively and artificially propping up the value of those fiat currencies that we use, designated as legal tender by the governments of the world.  In other words, people will not be threatened to acquire government approved currencies for use of tax payments and will be free to use other methods of payment and exchange; and that will devalue the chosen currencies of the world instantly.


Agorism.  Do you know what you will do when the time comes?






Download a free PDF  of Liberty Defined here!

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