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Chris Kyle, American Coward?!  Who Cares?

Lot's of people are getting into a big frenzy about the remarks made by various celebrities concerning the American Sniper Kyle whatever his name is.  Among these well known people is Michael Moore.  He is, so far as I can tell, the loudest critic to label this Kyle fellow as a coward.


Well, this is what I think about.  It's not an individual's actions towards other people that make them a coward.  It's their actions towards themselves that make them cowards.


If an individual is trying to affect change first by intervening into the lives of others before themselves and refusing to always question themselves equally as harsh as they question everyone else then they are the cowards.


Refusal, by means of intentional ignorance, to affect a change within you first and always strive to improve yourself to be the example you wish others could be is the ultimate act of cowardice.  It costs nothing to change you on the inside; and the only things people use to justify not changing are sheer laziness and fear from what others will think; ultimately both are simply fears of change in lifestyle choices.


That's what makes an individual a coward.



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