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Audio to Go! 
Liberty and Morality Defined


I’ve received a good amount of fanfare to have my eBook, Liberty Defined, converted into an audio book.  I’d love to do that and would like to make it happen for my next eBook, Morality Defined, also.  Unfortunately I don’t have the time to do it myself without interrupting my normal work schedule.


So my costs need to be off set.  I estimate needing about 30 hours for each work to be transformed into an audio book.  That brings my total to $300 per work, $600 total.  If you are willing to donate I will show my appreciation by sending you two liberty minded stickers.


Both will be the Anarchy / Voluntaryism Black and Yellow circular stickers shown on this page.  Stickers will be mailed out within two weeks after the donation has been made.  Regardless of whether or not I reach the total funding goal, all donations via this campaign will receive their stickers, provided the donations are made through the donation buttons on this page.


If this interests you, please use a donate buttons on this page to process your donation.  This particular button notifies me that you are interested in this specific campaign.  Be sure to include your desired mailing address when submitting any donations for this offer.  You can donate more than once and will receive a set of stickers for each donation.  Should the response be overwhelming I will utilize the remainder of the funds to begin the process for print versions of these works. (Greater than $1,200.)


If you’d like to donate different predetermined amounts separate from this campaign click here.


As always, thank you so much for your support!

-Jim Limber Davis (JLD)

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$20 / $300

Click to expand and see the full sticker design.

Click to expand and see the full demensions of the sticker design.

Donate to this audio book campaign fund here!

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Download a free PDF  of Liberty Defined here!

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