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Baptized in Blood


The birth of the Republican Party that we know today was a recreation of at least two failed political organizations and the splitting of another.  Near the beginning of our once Republic of republics was the Democratic-Republican Party.  It was the counter to the Federalist Party.  As the political tactics to gain control ‘peacefully’ over a populace changed, the designs behind them always remain the same.


The ideas supported by the Federalist Party were those of a STRONG central government, centralized banking (Federal Reserve & two Banks of the United States), high protectionist tariffs (used to block more affordable imports equivalent to the goods produced domestically -big business in a partnership with government), and the concept of voting for the lesser of two evils (sacrifice an innocent man’s liberty for the promise of temporary security) mixed with the philosophy of ‘might makes right.’  The Democratic-Republican Party was the party favoring a much weaker central government that was merely the face shown to the world which comprised all the American States that banded together for military and economic security.  The Democratic-Republican Party was the party of small government, very low if any taxes to run the central government, and the greater defender of individual liberty by far.


In time the Democratic-Republican Party was infiltrated with big government ideas, not unlike those espoused by the Federalist Party, and broke apart.  As the Democratic-Republican Party was sundering, support for the seemingly failing Federalist Party was dying.  The Federalist Party required a makeover to continue championing big centralized government similar but not quite the same as big English government at the time.  This revitalization came with a name change; the Whig party.  This new party’s tenure was short.


So it came to pass that a few members of this failed Whig Party would again quickly reinvent themselves.  With the coming of the 1860 Presidential election the two main national political groups would be the Republican and Democratic Parties.  While there was clear and open support for the Democratic Party in the North, its power base was considerably stronger in the Southern States.  The Republican Party however held little support in the Southern States in comparison to Democratic support in the North.


The Republican Party was without a doubt struggling to survive after two near political death experiences in roughly ten years.  Something had to be done to maintain the lifestyle of the ‘share holders’ of the Republican Party.  A perfect storm was brewing that would give the leaders of the Republican Party all the ammunition they required to trick the world into believing they were the righteous of the American political parties.  What the Republican leadership did not count on was for a bloody war to last as long as it did.


With the deception at Fort Sumter successful, the cries for war quickly drowned out the pleas for peace.  The tenuous peace between the Federal government, now controlled by the Republican Party, and the seceded States had all but evaporated.  War drums were beating on both sides in anticipation of one another making an aggressive move.  With a sleight of hand, Abraham Lincoln had set in motion a war that effectively transformed the United States of America into the Consolidated States of America. 


Lincoln sent a letter or some kind of communication to South Carolinian leadership smeared with the lie of not doing anything concerning Fort Sumter without first alerting South Carolinian leadership with full details.  This fact was so conveniently ignored by Republican leadership looking to start a war to subjugate the South that peace was unlikely, if not impossible.  With that deception war came to be and the calls from Republican leadership to avenge the miraculously bloodless battle at Fort Sumter dumped nitroglycerin on the political fire.


Four years later the Republican Party had shown the world how ruthless it would be in defending its ideas to control others.  Entire cities were razed to the ground, populations forcefully relocated, and the magnanimous Emancipation Proclamation intentionally served to protect the slave holders in Federal occupied land supporting the war while pretending to be morally righteous in the eyes of the world’s super powers; England, France, and Spain.  It mattered little that the supporters of the Republican Party grew rich and fantastically wealthy off the slave trade that delivered the largest majority of African slaves to South America, not the Southern United States; and continued for a while after the war.  The Republican Party got what it wanted and that was power. 


In the years since the War against Southern Independence, the Democratic Party suffered a great many losses and eventually succumbed to a morally devoid concept; if you can’t beat ‘em then join ‘em.


So the Democratic Party began championing a great many of the same political concepts as the failed Federalist and Whig Parties but on a much greater scale to gain political support once again.  Seeing this, there were some in the Republican Party, beginning after World War I, who saw the direction the Union was moving in while watching the rest of the world turn to communism and socialism.  Movements began to pull the Republican Party back to it namesake’s roots in the Democratic-Republican Party.  With only ties to that political organization in name, the fight to transform the Republican Party was more than just an uphill battle from the start.

Today’s Republican Party was born on the eve of war, baptized in blood, and now carries the Mark of Cain with it; all in the name of big government.  It is no wonder that the Republican Party would cheat an honest man, on the 28th of August 2012, out of his duly earned position to represent a people tired of big government.  But then it makes perfect sense that the Republican Party would go to such devious lengths to save itself.


After all the Republican party went to war and ensured the deaths of more than half a million and the suffering of ten million or more to maintain less power 150 years ago than it enjoys today.  So ask yourself this:


Do I really need to be participating with either of the two major political parties?


And if you don’t believe that people should have masters without purely voluntary consent, ask yourself this:


Should I really be granting legitimacy to such a system by playing by its rules in order to affect a change?





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