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Because the world is a bad place-argument!



Proponents of government, statists if you will, often tell dissenters of government that they see the world as it is, not as it could or should be.  They go on to say that they see what they see and actively create solutions that protect people.


That may be true.  Perhaps they do create solutions that protect people; but they do not create solutions that protect everyone 100 percent.  They do not create solutions that do not involve justifying hurting everyone a little.  And that is the problem.


Proponents of government may very well see the world as it is, but they do not stop to honestly answer the question of why it is the way it is.  With extreme frequency they will say that the world is full of bad people.  They don't ask why.  They don't realize that by maintaining governments to protect them from the monsters others could be and the monsters that are that they are turning themselves into monsters for others; and in return others are allowing themselves to be turned into monsters to combat the monsters that proponents of government have become to them.  It's a vicious ouroboros that won't stop until the proponents of government are gone; not dead but just gone.


Proponents of government will occasional suggest that the world is the way it is because people don't know any better, but that doesn't mean that we get rid of government they say.  This is where they almost always stop short.  They will say we need military protection and rule of law to prepare for the real dangers of the world and dissenters should just suck it up and deal with their duty to humanity.  They fail to realize too often that military is important but not exclusive to coercion based authorities, to governments.


Then proponents of government always stop short here!  When they recognize the fact that private enterprise can provide military security, the rebuttal is offered that it won't be the same because of some patriotic garbled vomit.


It doesn't have to be the same. All it has to be is protection that actually protects the people without violating their consent to being interacted with at all, to being governed at all.  Statists fail to ask the questions of why people are ignorant.  They fail to truthfully ask why people believe what they believe; and they fail to ask these questions of others honestly because they fail to ask them at all, or even truthfully when they do.


I'm not a dissenter of government because I've been so morally wronged and physically abused by agents of government.  I'm a dissenter of government because I'm being limited legally with what I can do to peacefully and honestly maintain and improve the quality of my life.


A few years ago I was laid off from Delta Airlines.  The merger with Northwest Airlines and countless regulations from dear ole' Uncle Sam starting with 9/11 emergency measures that introduced the TSA saw my job to the chopping block.  A couple of years later a temporary job with the possibility of long term employment went from possibility to not at all pending the Obamacare legislation.  That employer told me straight to my face that he wasn't going to hire me full time because he worried about the fees associated with Obamacare.  It wasn't until nearly three years later that he finally hired someone else part time.  Today, I sell my possessions and write and do what I can without a steady line of work and make less than what I believe I could if I didn't have to worry about taxation, regulations, and following rules that make entering the market place difficult.  I can't afford to start to compete to open my own restaurant, as I dreamed, because I can't afford the fees, taxes, and licenses in my position in the greater Cincinnati area.  Government makes it so that I have to think even harder just to scrape by, let alone compete with others!  (If you want to know more, stick around to learn about how taxation is the epitome of the Broken Window Fallacy.)


These are some of the reasons why I am a dissenter of government.  It makes my life difficult to maintain.  And to hear statists say, "At least you have a life to maintain," is just total intellectual garbage!  There are always excuses a plenty to justify the status quo of government as a necessary evil.  I'd love to just take a few handouts and live an easier life, but my conscious won't allow it.  I know that taxation is theft.  I know that taxation is the epitome of the Broken Window Fallacy.  I know that I would only be empowering government by working with it.  But unlike others who talk the talk, I walk the walk.  I don't take the handouts.  I don't better myself through government grants in education. I don't want that blood on my hands.


Even though I have every right to violently assault the perpetrators of government, I won't out of self preservation and a long term gamble that many of them might be my allies voluntarily in years to come, economically speaking that is.


So to those who perpetuate the idea of government as a necessary evil, please understand that you are to me what you fear those people in faraway lands, with IEDs and chest mounted explosives, are to you and your justification of government as a necessary evil.  I don't want government or war or you to be my enemy.  I just want to live in peace.  Stop being the monsters for everyone else that you fear they might be for you!


Start questioning the status quo of government legitimacy.  Start questioning your involvement with the status quo.  Ask yourself how many more jobs would be created if not for fear of taxation, regulation, and following the rules from an entity that is only voluntary in the sense that each of us can uproot ourselves and move to a different government's jurisdiction.  Ask yourself why the people of other countries hate us.  Ask yourself why the people of other countries allow their governments to do to them and others what they do. 


But before anything else, ask yourself why you fear me when I've done nothing to you!!!  Why hold me in contempt to subsidize your inadequacies, your inabilities for whatever reason, to cure the fears in your mind by making others fear you through coercive rule of law.  You don't even know me and want me held in contempt for what I haven't done and then demand I respect you and those doing your bidding to enforce laws and wage wars.


If you still think for a moment that I don't understand the problem because there are bad people in this world, then consider yourself one of the bad people.  You're justifying violating my consent to being governed at all because you're afraid of what could be but what is not guaranteed to be.


You're assaulting my liberty because you are afraid.





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