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Billions of people on Earth and at least a billion are lonely everyday!


Too many people in this world are alone! Yes there are people for so many to talk to. That is not the problem. The issue is in how and why they are alone.

How many people want to truly make time to understand the frustrations of others in a bad mood or deep depression? We often shrug these people off telling them to "cool off or else" or "cheer up, it could be worse!"

These are the absolutely wrong things to say to people. THEY ARE THE WRONG THINGS TO SAY TO PEOPLE IF WE TRULY MEAN TO HELP THEM! Is that clear enough?

People are alone in this world to deal with their own frustrations because societies, especially western cultures, frown upon anger and frustration associating the two emotions with a blatant refusal to keep calm and coolly work through the issue.  This is in large part encouraged by this Western culture of political correctness.  However, other cultures have similar issues, such as macho-ism and more.  So let me share something else with those of you who think people should always deal with their anger alone.

Either make take to help these people or don't. But do not lie to them and tell them they need to fix their problem first before they are rendered aid. People whom are angry and frustrated want to be heard. Often times they need to be heard in that moment to ease the tension in their own minds so the logical operations still functioning can start churning out reason with greater clarity.

People need muses and springboards when frustrated and angry to help them work through it. These things makes them feel important fueling their desire to problem solve even more!

So when someone is angry or frustrated, next time in your general sphere of influence, ask them if you can help them or if you can listen to them to figure out what is wrong. Take charge of the situation by letting them know you want to listen. Let them yell for a moment and encourage them after the first line or two to slow down so you can understand them better!  Make it clear that you are there to listen.

This is uncomfortable for so many people.  It’s not an easy task.  So what do we do?  We shrug it off and then, if we are clever, realize that we need someone to listen to us on occasion and recognize our own hypocrisy by not doing for others what we wish they would do for us.

If people made this kind of time for others, the world wouldn't be as lonely a place as it is today! And this goes for people whom are depressed as well. I learned this because my life partner suffers from depression while I suffer from bouts of anger fueled by memories of pure terror as a child.

This is just something to think about to help make the world a better place by showing compassion instead of simply speaking about it. And teaching our children to do this too will leave better children for the world!



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