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Consent!  Do you respect it?




A lot people who pride themselves as being “party people,” those whom adhere to specific political ideologies that engage in the practice of maintaining government, are rarely happy with the way their choice of government seems to work.  So many complain about tax breaks, unfair rules, and policies they don’t agree with.  But few actually care to look truthfully and honestly into the situations that they are unhappy with and problem solve.


In fact I bring up this problem many times.  And almost every time I’m met with one of two responses.  Either I get nothing out of anything and I mean absolute silence; completely ignored; Or I get a flurry of people rushing to condemn me, challenge my right to ever exist in their presence since I won’t conform to what they think ‘rule of law’ should be in practice.


In fact I often present this very argument here:
“Just because rules are written and imposed upon the very entity that is allowed to violate your consent to be interacted with at all doesn't mean that the entity will actually obey those rules!

I mean, seriously consider that for a moment.


Government is not voluntary. Government is not voluntary because if you don't follow the rules it dictates or leave then you will be fined/taxed/extorted additionally.  If you refuse that, then they will kidnap you to put you into a cage, into jail.  If you resist they will escalate their justifications of force to the point where your right to life will be considered forfeit so they can do their jobs to enforce rules you don’t agree with.


Of course, and saying that one can simply leave the jurisdiction of the oppressive government as a voluntary means is just plain dishonest. It's dishonest on the grounds that you, as a government supporter, are using bully tactics to gain compliance from others.  You are basically telling dissenters that they must either conform or get out.  That's voluntary?  How?


So next time you talk about how government shouldn't be allowed to do X, Y, or Z consider the ramifications of all governments’ foundations; the violation of consent.”


It’s incredible the lengths to which people will go to defend their pride, their ignorance, and their feelings.  I’m been blasted openly for questioning the concept of consent by being told I should live on Mars, “where there is no government!”


It’s almost insulting to be told that living without government is going to get me killed.  It’s insulting to be told that I don’t understand the consequences of not having any government at all.  But truthfully, it’s more than that at the end of the day.  It’s downright disheartening.


These people who tell me these things are otherwise fairly loving and caring individuals.  One lady volunteers her time at soup kitchens and feeds the homeless.  She donates half of her waking hours taking care of other people.  The rest she spends earning a living.  Yet she doesn’t take the time to understand that government without consent to being governed is the problem.


It’s terrible.  It’s heart breaking.  It’s just ridiculous.


But what I don’t really understand is the negativity that is attached to the words spewed by such otherwise nice people.  When I was learning about government in my early twenties and recognizing the contradictions, I never once verbally assaulted someone who told me to look up something; even if I knew already that I disagreed with that individual.  I simply took what they had to say and let it go.


But why do so many insist upon being nasty?  I understand there is a need for strong language at times.  I get that.  Sometimes that’s all people respond with.  But what I have a very difficult time understanding is why people are so instantly riled up when they are presented with a question that challenges the core of their philosophy.


People cling to all kinds of bad ideas; and for an equal number of reasons too!  Yet few seem to recognize the contradictions in their ideologies.  Fewer still make efforts to change while continuing to talk up the hypocrisy of others.


Instead they are bound and determined to cling to fixing a system that is not broken but designed to operate as it does; by pitting everyone against one another.  The system, the government, is always dependent on having noble people who won’t abuse the consent of the government further than it is required to maintain the government in the first place.  What a ridiculous notion!


The entire process of democracy is a farce!  It’s nothing but ‘might makes right.’  It’s a battle of attrition.  And the evolution of it, democratic-republics, is nothing short of a removal of the power voting has to place decision making of each individual’s actions into the hands of a few.  Those few now have more power than the whole, legally speaking.


None of the supporters of government that I’ve ever come across made any attempt to actually ponder the idea of consent with me present.  Always they succumbed to their knee-jerk reactions of attacking because they felt attacked by listening to the truth about their actions; the truth that they were perpetuating the violating of another’s consent to be interacted with.


No one wants to be considered a violator of another’s rights.  No one wants to be associated with doing harm to another outside of the realm of self defense.  Yet, as a collective that believes in the noble spirit of government, somehow it is okay to overlook those ‘little things’ if the whole is somehow helped.


The means do not always justify the ends.  The ends are important and equal in importance to the means.  If a little violation of consent is the foundation of government then who is to stop that government from expanding its foundation to greater violations?


In order to stop those violations one must terminate the entire entity that is government.  Consent cannot be respected in part, only whole.  It is the justification of violating consent at all that grants governments all of its power.


And that is something no statist, no government supporter, can get around honestly.  That’s why so many don’t respond to my inquires.  But for those who lash out with verbal hostilities, I can only guess that they are simply not secure in their own minds with the foundations they stand upon because they are busy straddling contradictions.







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