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Consent of the Majority


28, Jan. 2016


It matters little if a single voice is unjustly suppressed and 99 are not. Tyranny needs only a single allowance, a single precedent to be built upon that it may grow.


If just one may be violated for this justification then another will be, and another. This is just one concept which fosters class warfare. The unintended consequences of taxation is the main culprit.

And that vile concept is the foundation for all empires, why all governments are violations of consent.


After all, taxation is not voluntary. Pay or expect a visit from law enforcement eventually for none compliance to be brought before an arbiter paid with those taxes. Refusal to cooperate with the law enforcement and they may be told to justify considering your life forfeit. Remember they are paid with those very taxes you refuse to relinquish.


How is this fair, just, and consensual?


How is this moral and not a violation of your rights to interact peacefully with others?


Even if you are a proponent of government and taxes, where do you draw the line at obedience when other political parties have the power to dictate terms which may negatively affect you beyond what you believe is just?


How do you tolerate that without feeling violated?


It is for this reason that all governance enforced without unanimous consent is the foundation for empire!!!





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