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Recognition of self worth holds more enlightenment than we realize!

16 September, 2016


Recognizing how much you value yourself is the foundation of all property ownership, morality, and liberty. Recognition of self worth is about finding value in one's self. Without this value self ownership is none existent because the entire purpose of ownership is to set boundaries for others capable of recognizing worth, value.  This includes in themselves, others, and what is claimed as property and wealth.

So what does value mean? Where is this value? What creates this value?

Initially this creation is in the recognition of one's desire to continue their life, maintain it, and improve its quality. This is the perpetuation of the life of the sentiment, reason capable being. To be clear, these beings are the ones readily able to comprehend a sense of time, past, present, and future, in relation to its self beyond instinct to perform tasks based on environmental (social and nature) changes which regularly occur.

By recognizing this desire, this value in one's own life, to perpetuate one's existence and improve upon it, we often can see how others have similar ideas. Boundaries through ownership are realized as necessary to protect our ability to maintain our individual lives from other sentient beings capable of reason and communication at least as complex as our own. This is an important concept to highlight as it is about recognizing security.

This security concerns the acquisition of sustenance, protection from others akin to us in nature, shelter, and later on the pursuit of happiness. By being able to communicate ideas of setting boundaries, we begin the process of recognizing the value others have placed on their own lives and the similarities behind their reasons for doing so to our own. When people are confident in their ability to move unrestricted out of fear of being accosted, they will devote more of their natural resources, their time, intellect, and labor, to creating other items of value.

These creations of value are rooted in satisfying what is desired to maintain and or improve the quality of the life desired, the life valued, to be preserved. Because these creations, these refinements of the individual's time, intellect, and labor are crafted for the purpose of satisfying one or more of the four basics of life, sustenance, shelter, security, and happiness, they are valuable. All value of reason capable and sentient life stems from the purpose of maintaining or improving the quality of that life in some fashion.

And with the creation of things that have value rooted in the preservation of their creators' lives comes the invention of wealth in tangible form. All of the refinements of an individual’s three natural resources is wealth because of where the value is rooted. So the next progression of maintaining and improving the quality of the first individual's life which recognized value in him or herself is to create boundaries which are universally applicable to all people akin in sentience, reason, and communication capabilities.

Now comes the advent of morality and liberty simultaneously. With these concepts it is imperative to recognize how to communicate with others while maintaining and improving the quality of one's own life as to avoid with diligence any unintentional and intentional infringement of another akin being's ability to maintain and improve the quality of their life as well. With regard to morality the issue is in defining the acts of intent to disregard, neutrality, and promotion of life and wealth. As for liberty being concerned, the issue is in the acquisition of wealth via direct creation as an individual, group creation, a combination of the two, and voluntary interactions designed to avoid transgressions and restrictions on the abilities of others to create and acquire wealth.

With morality the idea is simple. Do what does not promote the destruction or restriction of others to provide for themselves of their own merit and ability with intent to gain wealth by denying them with such a dual intent to hinder them and profit from them. This is the neutral base of all morality and is the foundation of what is called the Nonaggression Principle. This is the ability to peacefully create or exchange without hurting or hindering others.

The second part is to restrict another being's ability to provide for themselves by employing unwarranted aggressive actions against them to coerce their conformity or steal from them detracting from their ability to currently maintain and or improve the quality of their life. This is entirely about the dual intent to hinder and or hurt another while profiting from them with absolutely duress and coercion free voluntary consent!  To violate the consent of another is to enslave them for the amount of their time, intellect, and labor spent acquiring, creating, or maintaining whatever is in question.  To continually do this is to discourage the continuance of such acquisition, creations, and or maintenance thus encouraging the limiting and promotion of finite resources and wealth in terms of that which is necessary to satisfy sustenance, shelter, security, and happiness; thus making the likely hood of future resources and wealth in abundance lower.

The third being the promotion of other beings' abilities to maintain and improve the quality of their lives by refining one's own three natural resources to be directly given to others without an exchange being necessary. This is called charity and is done for many reasons that do not involve a contractual obligation for a return.  Many will suggest, as I believe, that performing such acts of charity amount to a potential return on investment to by the recipients to offer charity in the future when in a time of need; or by proactively lending aid to others making the chances they will opt to coerce or deceive another to survive less.

Remember, morality is about ensuring the confidence and peace of mind in other akin beings concerning reason, sentience, and communication abilities the means to go about their business unrestricted to produce the wealth required to maintain and improve the quality of their own lives. Keep in mind that being 'unrestricted' is not about complete and total freedom to do whatever one wants to do. 'Unrestricted' is about maximizing the ability to have more minds free of duress available to maximize the entire group's potential to problem solve new issues.  This in turn increases the ability of all akin beings to maintain and improve the quality of their lives.

And to do that is what liberty is. Liberty is the refining of one's three natural resources, their time, intellect, and labor, to maintain and improve the quality of their lives. In essence, Liberty is about objectively finding the most peaceful means to maximize the ability of akin beings' to survive AND prosper.

That is why recognition of self worth is at the heart of so many inspirational quotes and sayings. It is why self worth is the root of all economic activity. Most importantly, recognition of self worth is exactly why Humanity has achieved such greatness and why collectivizing the individuals holds Humanity back so discouragingly.

Equality in freedom to maintain and improve upon one's self worth is superior to equality ability to do so.  Essentially if we do not allow ourselves as individuals and as a species the freedom to explore and create new pinnacles of success, as individuals and working together voluntarily as a group and groups, then we become stagnant in our abilities to problem solve. And stagnation in problem solving abilities always translates into deterioration of one's ability to improve his or her life. That of course can, and so often does, lead to the inability to maintain one's life. This is an effect seen in the deterioration of mathematical skills or language skills when not used.

Lastly, I'd like to thank you for making the time to read this! I am truly appreciative if you have made it this far. To show my gratitude please, download free copies of my previous works, Liberty Defined and Morality Defined.  These are what I based this content on. You can get these free eBooks at the links below. Also, if you have found value in this work please consider donating $1 to help encourage more works like them.

Thank you so much for taking a peacefully proactive solution in better Humanity's plight through comprehension and creation instead of ridicule and destruction!

-Jim Limber Davis


Download a free PDF  of Liberty Defined here!

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