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Why the popular Liberty Movements are half wrong!


1-Taxation isn't theft if you define it to be no longer derived exclusively from the individual.

2-Morality is only subjective if you wish to not wholly define parameters which are universally applicable without discrimination.

3-Self ownership is not inherent unless you choose to abandon your ability to further define terms beyond it being axiomatic, of natural law, or otherwise just is because it is.

4-Children are property of their parents, guardians.


Most liberty advocates following popular voices will agree with the first statement. Remove the individual and discuss only the collective and taxation is a good thing.  By speaking only of the collective the nightmares of the individuals are nonexistent because the good over whelms the bad.

Many might agree with the second statement.  Morality is a set of intellectual boundaries issued through the common ability to communicate by those employing such ideas.  This concept is about ensuring others understand how to interact with those of their own similar abilities to prevent unwarranted acts of destruction, violence, and honestly innocent interference.  So naturally morality needs to be simply defined with a clear path of thought progression that shows precisely the parameters of how an idea is universally applicable and when it begins and ends.

And few in my experience tend to agree with the third.  Often self ownership is simply deemed to be ‘self-evident,’ ‘axiomatic,’ or ‘inherent.’  And what do these things mean?  Looking up these words it is apparent that they are filler words.  I state that because far more often than not when asking an advocate of self ownership why such a concept is any of these things, I am ridiculed with being intellectually difficult.  I am often blamed for trying to sabotage their ideas.

The truth is that self ownership is a two part concept.  There is the intellectual recognition of it and the practical applicable of it in maintenance for both sides.  This is a more difficult concept to elaborate on but it is possible.  If difficulty is the concern then try to explain what the color red looks like to an individual born blind.

Almost none seem to agree with the fourth.   Now why is that?  Almost certainly the vast majority of this reason is going to be rooted in the failure to understand what self ownership is.  This includes how it is defined in terms of creation, maintenance, and application.

So when self ownership is understood then the concept of ‘it takes a village to raise a child’ will be understood as complete malarkey.  In fact when self ownership is understood the idea that another human being can intervene into the life of a parent for any reason to stop anything going on about their children for ill also leads to another possibility.  This other potential is in government corruption and political manipulation for the future.  Think about how Hitler tried to teach the children in programs called the Hitler youth!  Now think about how the children of the United States are taught to pledge allegiance to a flag and believe that representative government is superior to all forms of government AND is the only right and proper way to interact peacefully with the whole of society.

So disagreement with these later three statements ought to be met with the same reasoning and logic, or at least similar, to that employed to understand why taxation is theft. The continual inquiring of 'why' to be asked honestly with intent to relentlessly pursue the utmost clarity until no contradictions or faults remain is the underlying idea.

So how are these four statements true without invoking, 'God,' 'It's just inherent,' 'it's axiomatic,' 'it's Natural Law,' or 'proof that it can't not exist because X.'  That is the question.  To be fair, I’ve written extensively about them in two books.  In Liberty Defined and Morality Defined I discuss property ownership and how it is maintained through practical application.  What I have not done as of the time of this article is to definitively define self ownership as I have liberty and morality for the public to read openly.  That is coming.

For now, please enjoy my work for free and help show others a clearer way to internal peace!



Download a free PDF  of Liberty Defined here!

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