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Our first student is always ourselves!


If you mock or chastise the seeming inability of 'statists' to relay a coherent argument, it may be of benefit to your own position to do the same. Clarity and simplicity are paramount.  Consistency in proclaimed philosophy and action are equally as important as concisely define terms showcased with a transparent path of thought progression.

That being understood, no tl;dr nonsense. Clarity and simplicity require an investment of time in order to achieve comprehension by the audience. That being the case more often than not, be prepared to make lengthy, in depth, and hated posts.  A lot of people will state how so many will refuse to read simply because that’s the way people are.

So let me rebut that line of thinking right now!  If we offer incomplete ideas and are not prepared to invest the time to further teach, first ourselves then others, we fall into the trap of creating followers whom are just a different brand of regurgitating minds from their pro-government selves.  We need to teach others how to be leaders.  We need to create independence by teaching how to ask and answer questions.

The truth of the matter is that there is no pleasing everyone. But there is reward in leaving a positive mark on the world through clarity, simplicity, consistency, and compassion for others to later discover. The alternate route is to go for short and pithy attracting the less open minded who will raise your ego and craft an echo chamber of thought.

At that point any deviation into detail for clarity can topple the intellectual card house of followers leaving only you to comprehend the shattered remains of your pride.  This is what so much of social media does!  And it’s unfair to the thinker pandering to the follower instead of creating content to inspire.

Absolutely, there is always more than one path to every piece of wisdom!  What we want to avoid is leaving a path of thought open for interpretation to be twisted around mistakenly.  It is usually well known that people will twist words and ideas around to their benefit or whims.  The goal in seeking clarity in philosophy and consistency in action with that philosophy is to attract those we don’t know are paying attention.

It seems an impossible task at first glance, for so many, yet it is the goal and the means in realizing that we as individuals are our first and most important student!



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