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Follow the rules to affect a change!




So I decided today to return to the taxes that I put off filing a month ago.


I knew I was going to be in the red.  Not that I did anything wrong to deserve that but rather because the government merely states I owe it for services rendered.  Well, not exactly.  The government doesn't even state that much.  They just state that I owe them because I acquired money.


Well, The total will be somewhere around $700.  About 100 to the state of Indiana.  The rest, including $73 for not having health insurance for 6 months, to the IRS.


Well, I'd like to say thank you to all the ignorant, dumb fucking assholes who decided they wanted to "work with-in the system" to affect a change.  Good job assholes!


Because of that I "owe" two separate governments close to $800.  Good job, you scum suckers!


That includes people like Libertarian Girl, Julie Burowski, Austin Petersen, Rand Paul, and more!


How about that!  Their work within the system totally screwed me over!  Good thing the governments weren't black bagging people and sending them to secret prisons to be tortured, killed, or otherwise violated! 


Oh-wait...They were!  There was that prison in Chicago!  Ooops!  I guess those people are worse off than me and I shouldn't complain!  Isn't that right, Libertarian Girl, Julie, Rand, and Austin?! 


So thanks a whole-fucking-bunch for your decisions to work within the system. 


I could have avoided all of this if I took government handouts!  Yeppers!  I qualified for government welfare for food stamps, housing, and probably other things having made less than 18k last year pretax.  And that includes having to take care of my daughter for half that time.


Too some that won't be a whole lot of money.  Too others that a fortune.  But too me that was enough to scrape most of the time.


But at the end of the day, I did and am doing what so many refuse to do.  I rejected government "aid".  I put my money where my mouth is.  I might be poor but I'm not a hypocrite in terms of my life philosophy and my actions.


That is what so many are choosing to do, because being a hypocrite is easier than not when the status quo operates by sacrificing the individuals to maintain itself and garner followers.


At the end of the day, I prefer tumultuous liberty over the not so peaceful slavery the state pretends to offer.






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