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Government Kills Happiness

The world is supposed to be what we make it but for the law of unintended consequences that end up being the storm people create for themselves and then get angry about it; all the while seemingly ignorant about why the storm came and took 10%, 20%, 30%, and 90% of their earnings via sales taxes, payroll taxes, and capital gains taxes.

People create storms for themselves all the time and hide behind the intellectually weak shield of 'it's for the greater good.'

What's for the greater good?

Stealing and or being apathetic to telling others through your votes that they need to be stolen from a little in order to help them or others they are not first willing to help?

Because that is precisely the logic behind taxation and the unintended consequences are people being economically restricted. If one understands that then it stands to reason that one should recognize the direct correlation between economic freedom and physical freedom.

The more taxes imposed equal the less physical freedom.
The less physical freedom allowed equals to less mental freedom.

Therefore, the more taxes which exist the more government that exists; and the more government that exists the less happiness that exists!

So government quite literally kills / prevents happiness.
(That is just the lemon juice applied to the thousand paper cuts a government creates by murdering people legally and calling it war!)



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