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If you support government…



I shouldn't have to seek your approval to peacefully exist because you fear what I am capable of doing but have not done.  However, you should seek my forgiveness for doing to me what you feared I could do to you by holding me in contempt through coercive rule of law that ultimately states, "All are presumed guilty until the rule of law is abolished or the subjugated relocate to a different jurisdiction."


You should apologize to me for perpetuating government over me and against my will.  You should apologize to me for insulting the quality and content of my character by insisting that I abide by your coercive rule of law for things I have not yet done or am guaranteed to do.  You should apologize to me for cowardly intervening into my life behind other armed individuals to dictate my behavior to temporarily quell your fears about what I am capable of doing, but have not done.


You should also thank me for not violently assaulting you and those you sent after me.  You should thank me for the mercy I've shown by not considering your life forfeit for the cowardly and deadly acts you've encouraged others to perform.


And you should be eternally grateful for the strides I've made to help teach you peacefully the errors of your ways by choosing patient words and not constant streams of insults.




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