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Greed is not the problem; but the lack of critical thinking skills.



Greed founded on pushing a plow and swinging a sword protecting only your right to continue doing so peaceful and to protect that which you create is just, moral, and conducive to expanding upon the pinnacle of Humanity’s successes.


Greed founded on swinging a sword to acquire that which others produce by utilizing governmental rule of law to intellectually cow and socially pressure your fellow men and women is unjust, immoral and counter-productive to raising the pinnacle of Humanity’s successes.  Worst yet is that it is praised by the economically ignorant; while the aforementioned greed is ridiculed and despised simply because those will not, don’t know how, or for whatever reason can’t produce on their own believe they have a right to the products of others’ labors.


Greed is not the problem.  Greed is good when it is used to produce by honest creation.  Greed is bad when it is used to unjustly take and hinder the abilities of others to honestly and peacefully create.  And the later is what crony capitalism is all about.  The use of rule of law to supposed is protect by constructing rules of engagement; but these seemingly infinite amounts of fees, bureaucracy, and litigation often hinder entries and expansions into the market place by others with ideas and wills to produce.


So before you go on a rant about how capitalism can’t work or how government is a necessary evil, consider what you’re doing first.  Because to those with exercised critical thinking skills, justifying those statements is a lot like swinging a sword to cut down other people before they have a chance to prove whether they are peaceful and honest or vicious and murderous.  Perpetuating rule of law for some common good without the consent of all this law is imposed upon is nothing short of disregarding the characters of people you’ve never met and holding them in contempt for things they are not guaranteed to ever do.


But to blame businesses for playing by the rules they are coerced to play by through government legalities is just as shortsighted and devoid of deeper considerations.





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