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How to Hope

There is always hope. The trouble is that most people think it comes from somewhere other than inside themselves. Everyone is their own source of hope whether they believe it or not.  But how and why is that true?

Because everyone is born with the same set of tools is precisely the answer.  These are their time, intellect, and ability to labor. See, the trouble with the individual finding that well of hope internally is based on how they view these tools.

Most people go through life dependent on others for knowledge, wisdom, and production of real wealth. Worst of all, most people go through life depending on others to define morality for them.

But something that I have noticed is that when people begin to recognize these three tools, their three natural resources that can never be taken away from them until death, they begin to use them sooner. The more often somebody refines their time, their intellect, and their labor to provide the things that they want in their own lives they gain more experience using them.

The more experience someone has refining their own three natural resources to create that which makes them happy also allows them to dig a deeper more amazing well of hope within themselves. Why?

Simply put the more experience points an individual gains by using what they have naturally transforms into their ability to operate at higher skill levels with the things that they have, thus giving other people who do not understand this the illusion that those who do understand are somehow magical and naturally better people.

Nothing is inexplicable, only unexplained. In other words, magic ceases to be mysterious once the science behind it is understood.





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