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Let it Go!



The most difficult lesson to learn by anyone is to let things go.  I want to clarify that statement.  I don’t mean to let go of the acts of transgression people commit against others.  The act of receiving vindication is immensely useful in growing accelerating the internal healing process, granting mercy, and showing truly meaningful forgiveness.  What I mean is the idea that Voluntaryists and those whom recognize the potential of voluntary interactions in producing more positive results than coercive actions have to keep trying to help people.



Absolutely helping others has a far greater potential payout for positivity in the future than not helping; but it is not mandatory to be a Voluntaryist.  All that such includes is respecting the consent of others to be interacted with.


Voluntaryism is not a philosophy that is rooted in ensuring conformity.  That is what government, religion, and a lot of other spirituality based ideologies do with the concept of karma and so on.  The Philosophy of Voluntaryism is about recognizing what you can change, why you should or should not change, and how to change whatever it is you can change.


And the most important and only absolute thing you can change is yourself.  I’m not dismissing science that says you cannot change yourself, as someone will inevitably bring up.  All that science says at the end of the day is that we are genetically programmed one way.  That science in all of its glory never says that the programming cannot be altered.


So when we are seeking to make a positive difference in the world, that difference should start with ourselves as individuals.  Forgive, but do not forget the actions of others; yet do what you can to understand the motive, the context, of their actions.  We have to let go of trying to help others who refuse to listen to reason.  I don’t mean this as a generic blanket statement.  There is obviously a difference between an amateur tinkerer trying to build a massive weapon of mass destruction to get revenge on his former jerk of an employer and someone whom demands those who vote are the reason why the current political powers are corrupt.



So many who teach the idea of respecting consent as a means to dissent against the status quo of government as it currently exists in practice around the world, whether they call it the Nonaggression Principle, voluntaryism, agorism, or even just The Free Market end up treating their potential students the same way as the apathetic and champions of government do; by holding them in hostile fearful contempt because they disagree and cannot fathom why they choose to be the way they are.


We cannot change everything.  We cannot always accomplish the things we want to make happen on the time tables we think they should be completed.  What we can do is to continually improve ourselves.  We often end up being stuck on stepping stones of thought when we decide to take paths which justify generic hostility, shaming, condescending and guilt tripping attitudes.


We end up not realizing the words and acts we employ are hostile.  We become desensitized to the things that create monsters out of us.  This can lead more often than we realize to accepting such actions as normal; perhaps even leading us to becoming dumbfounded at how increasing stupid people are in rejecting our ideas without a shred of comprehension as to why.  This persistent rejection of recognizing the unintended consequences of our actions can lead us to be unnecessarily cynical and even nihilistic in nature.


All it means at the end of the day is that we forget to ensure we teach our selves first, daily!


Accept the state of reality that everyone is at a different point of philosophical comprehension.  Recognize that there are people whom are further ahead of the same path you are on just as there are people behind you and on similar paths even if you never find someone walking immediately next to you.  It is inevitable that people will conclude or assume they know better than you do.  That’s okay.  If they reject constructive criticisms to their approach with you and fail to acknowledge them peacefully, then it’s fine to move on.



Vindication from these encounters is almost certainly impossible.  But what is possible, and with a greater degree of ease, is to simply self reflect and write out your own philosophy.  Create a reason why you think something should be done.  Ask yourself how it can be done.  Who does this apply to?  What will this accomplish?  When does this need to happen to be effective?  Where will this be useful?  How will this be accomplished?  Why is this important?


These are just a few questions to help get you started.  We can’t help everyone.  Sometimes it feels as if we can’t help anyone at all.  So who can you help in this case?  If not anyone else, why not yourself?


That’s what a lot of podcasts and internet shows are meant to do; help those who create them by showing the world what they are doing to help themselves.  So the next time you come across someone who doesn’t seem to understand the point you’re making, whether they be for or against your position (regardless of what they may advocate), decline to interact further with the individual and explore the reasons why you think you failed concerning your own arguments.







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