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Liberty & Morality Defined presents...



It is always a challenged to create something engaging.  Communication is difficult enough as is.  To state otherwise is to proclaim one's own nescience or to comment with a lie.  If communication were easy then a blind individual never before having seen the color red would easily understand what is being relayed after a simple explanation. 

That being understood, we all have journeys we take in figuring out how to make things work.  We all are on different paths to discovery and learning.  I'm certainly no different.  Just when I figured I had something worthwhile in terms of writing skills, the world went and said, "That's not enough.  Learn how to create audio content and video content."

So I did.  I've learned a lot in the last half decade. I still have a lot to learn.  What I hope is that what I have to offer to teach will help others learn too. 


Liberty & Morality Defined
(My first attempt at an audio / video program.)
As with all new endeavors, there is a certain learning curve required.  If getting past this obstacle is difficult, try some of my new works instead or download a free copy of my books, Liberty Defined and Morality Defined.

Pilot: Intro to Liberty & Morality Defined
Ep 001 Language, Tone, & Reputation
Ep 002 Authority: Real Versus Artificial
Ep 003 Working within the system to
             affect a change

Ep 004 Property Rights, Children, & Land
Ep 005 Replacing SS, Medicare &
             Government welfare in general
Ep 006 Taxation & The Law of
              Unintended Consequences

Liberty & Morality Defined presents...

This is my most recent endeavor.  I base all of the content of this program upon my works, Liberty Defined and Morality Defined.  I typically avoid commentary on current events.  I also avoid even more so commentary on the affairs of state in relation to Red, Blue, and who votes for who.  My goal is to help people understand the importance of a clear path of thought progression from where ever they started to their desired goal and how to create a set of parameters from which to work within that do not contradict the desired goal.

In my case, I crafted Liberty Defined and Morality Defined.  I speak from this platform of thought.  So if you want to make the most out of the content I have created, I cannot encourage you enough to read my books first.  They are short and to the point.  In fact, one only needs to read the first 3-4 chapters of each in order to get the crux of the matter. 

If you find this content valuable and you would like to encourage more of it to be created faster, please donate or shop my store.  My goal is to generate at least 10$ per hour for a full forty hour work week.  I'm excited to work even more than that for the cause of teaching freedom through enlightenment.  So you decide by voting with your generosity.  

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The Burden of an Enlightened Tax Slave


What do we do when we realize that taxation is theft?  

Everyone who discovers this epiphany thinks at some point in the early moments of this awakening about their role in the cause and effect of continuing to pay taxes which end up buying bombs and the trigger fingers which release them.  For now, don't worry about that too much. 

Building Foundations


Sometimes we encounter barriers to getting others to accept our superior peaceful ideas.  Sometimes those barriers are ones we create ourselves.  And when we notice these barriers we often fail to notice that our own lack of clarity is the issue.

Principles are like alarm clocks


How often do we stop to think about why we use certain devices or ideas? 

Anarchist justifications for voting Trump


Consistency in philosophical comprehension is necessary.  

Showing a clear path of thought progression is necessary.

But for what?  To be able to show others how one arrived at a specific conclusion so it may be examined for clarity.

Let it Go


There are times when we can justly act to save or help another.  And then there are times we cannot without causing further damage to our causes.  So we have to understand when to let people get hurt. 

Taxes, Moral Culpability, and Impossible Scenarios


As Obi-Wan Kenobi so eloquently put it, "Who is the more foolish?  The fool or the fool who follows him?"

Moral responsibility falls upon the acting individual.  If the individual's actions are voluntary from start to finish then who did this individual hurt to make their actions immoral?  

Ah, but with the introduction of coercion does the story change!

And this is what we need to know about...

Small choices create big justifications


The justification of small infractions and the acceptance of small acts of negligence create the justifications for greater acts of injustice.  This is the ground work beneath statements such as 'government is a necessary evil' and 'morality is subjective.' 

The introduction of fear into economics


If the intention of creating security is accomplished through the use of terror, then who is the security created for?  

We often do not consider the side effects of our actions to intervene into the lives of others.  Because of this we encounter many barriers to achieving what we believe will be for the greater good!  The truth of the matter is that we cannot control anyone in life to the same success as we can ourselves as individuals. 

Unity is Difficult to Forge


Good will towards mankind is something often limited to the end of the year holiday season.  We don't celebrate this throughout the year because the only other form of unity we come close to is fear based through nationalistic conformity, not peace through respect of consent and good will through voluntaryism. Maybe that needs to change!

The verb is the problem, not the noun


Too many people identify things from different perspectives. And not recognizing that is what causes so much discord between otherwise reasonable minds.  There is always more than one path to a single piece of wisdom.

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