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Patience is more powerful than shock value!


If you mock or chastise the seeming inability of 'statists' to relay a coherent argument, it may be of benefit to your own position to do the same; to ensure your argument is coherent that is. Clarity and simplicity are paramount.  (Also, making fun of someone for honestly not understanding is just a d*ck move.  If peace is your goal then being mean to someone who is nescient is a sign of your own inability to control your mind, if not understand deeper concepts.)

That being understood, no tl;dr nonsense. Clarity and simplicity require an investment of time in order to achieve comprehension by the audience. That being the case more often than not,  be prepared to make lengthy, in depth, and hated posts.   Be ready to create content that is fully defined if you’re not going to make yourself available to answer questions and understand the context from which other people are asking their questions.

This is the trade of between taking different teaching methods.  And yes, if we are going to promote voluntaryism, dissent of government, and freedom from unwarranted coercive actions, then we are teachers.

The truth of the matter is that there is no pleasing everyone. But there is reward in leaving a positive mark on the world through clarity and simplicity for others to later discover if we are not going to make ourselves available to answer questions after delivering a short, pithy, and detail void bit of content.  Of course that is the alternate route, to go for short and pithy attracting the less open minded.  And if we are not there to answer questions for clarity then these less open minded individuals will raise your ego and craft an echo chamber of thought.

At that point any deviation into detail for clarity can topple the intellectual card house of followers leaving only you to comprehend the shattered remains of your pride.  This is logic and reason behind why advocates of government are followers whom give into accepting the status quo as it is.  This is the reason why ‘statists’ as proponents of freedom call them group together and then bicker relentlessly over whose ideology is the most sound or just.

And the worst part of this is entirely rooted in each and every one of their arguments to not fully explain their position or make time to understand the position of another.  This is why flavors of anarchism and liberty groups are not much better than different political parties.  Both have tremendous difficult, sometimes outright rejection of, defining their positions to remove all contradiction and create universally applicable ideas.

This is not an impossible task.  It’s just the recognition of needing to understand why fully comprehending basic mathematics such as counting, addition, and subtraction before moving on to multiplication, division, and linear equations.  Fully and clearly defining a path of thought and its progression creates something for others to understand without having to fill in the blanks so they can dissect the idea and explore it.

I suppose at the end of the day the individual just simply has to have the desire to understand if they are to truly want to teach others, starting with themselves.  And I make that statement because far too many people just want to be heard so they read to respond instead of reading to comprehend and enlighten themselves.




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