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Promotion or Destruction?

“Nestlé is a transnational food & beverage corporation that owns thousands of brands ranging from water, infant formula, cereal, coffee, and ice cream amongst many others.

Nestle is notorious for their lack of ethics and blatant disregard for human health and the environment, proving that their chief concern is profit above all and by any means necessary.

Nestle is notorious for strong-arming small towns with limited economic means, privatizing their public water supplies. In the midst of California's record drought, Nestle is pumping millions of gallons of water and reselling it in the form of bottled water, refusing to disclose how much it processes at its facilities. It continues to pump water out of San Bernardino National forest even though their permit expired in 1988.

Nestle uses Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs) in their products. According to the Non-GMO Project, GMOs are “living organisms whose genetic material has been artificially manipulated in a lab through genetic engineering.” Nestle openly supports the use of GMOs, stating publicly that they believe GMOs are safe despite the growing body of evidence that connects GMOs with health problems and environmental damage. They have spent millions against GMO labeling bills despite the people’s desire to know what’s in their food. Nestle even uses GMOs in their infant formula and baby food, and while they have removed GMOS from these products in Europe and other countries, they are still in U.S. baby products.

Among other offenses, they have been caught using child slave labor in their Ivory Coast cocoa farms, use palm oil in products like Kit-Kat which destroy the rainforest and the animals inhabiting it, and have been exposed performing gruesome tests on animals.

See the image above to familiarize yourself with some of their most well-known subsidiaries in the U.S.

We ask that you join us in boycotting Nestle and all of their subsidiary companies FOR GOOD! Stayed tuned 🌍

Everything listed up to but not including child slave labor can be dealt with at home in the United States. How?

Stop enabling government by thinking it is a necessary evil. If you don't think it is a good idea for Wal-Mart to hold a gun to your head and shop at its stores then the chances that Nestle could raise an army to force you to give into its demands is also nil.

Therefore the problem is not Nestle's business practices but consumer choices married with the perpetuation of government without unanimous consent of all who are governed.

The 'child slave labor' business is often blown out of proportion due to the complainant's misunderstanding of economics. This begins by not understanding wealth; why it is wealth-has value.

But I fully expect someone to mislabel me as a proponent of chaos, exploiting children, and perpetuating slavery.

Nothing could be further from the truth.

If children laboring in "sweat shops" can improve their lot in life beneath a government that is oppressing them, then how much are you willing to do to change that by refining your own time, intellect, and labor to aid them beyond a mere boycott we both know will have little effect on an organization employing thousands while serving millions!!!?!

The trick is not to boycott a single business and rally against them. The key is to ensure they cannot use legislation to have anything remotely close to a monopoly control on their market niches. But that is precisely what one encourages with government and regulations paid for with taxation.

Remove taxation and all the things it funds in order to allow a market place where YOU can get off your duff and create your own bottled water company and promote the fact that you don't ruin the environment, use 'slave labor,' or steal from people by manipulating the tax system.

...because boycotting a business with the power of a government behind it is akin to voting; and if voting actually made a lasting difference then it would be illegal.

In short:
Promote what you love instead of bashing what you hate!
(Not that anyone is bashing in the quote above, but the sentiment still rings true. Create and let the things you dislike become obsolete.)




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