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Red Shirts, brown shirts.


Red Shirts, brown shirts.
Smiles and frowns.
Mandates or orders
no freedoms abound.


Soup lines and food keys
are just wishful thinking.
Praying and crying
for hope and novelties.

Believe in America
not a master plan.
Believe in America
For you are your own man.


Symbols are fickle,
ideas are strong.
Have heart and chin up,
Lady Liberty presses on.


Beg or ask not
in forgiveness or despair.
Drink in the freedom
as if it is air.


Roll with the punches,
fall prey to no lie.
The enemy will soon
slither away and die.


Do not rest or
let down your guard.
Educate your children's
lineage with highest regard.


Trust no agent of the law
with this task for it
is deemed a terrible flaw.


Bars and banners always
fly with golden cheers.
Let not the days that follow
these jeers be filled
with flooding ruby tears.





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