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Steeling your Mind, Staying your Tongue




I find it important to share this idea from time to time; times which are growing more frequent with each passing day unfortunately.


“I have not weathered self induced hardships and nasty acts of chance by others t bandy crooked words with those who know little of their own history, let alone nothing of mine.  I ask naught of any to ensure discomfort on my part, nor demand.  I ask but only to be left in such peace that we may come and go without piercing eyes and sharp tongues; and in such fashion that one day we may find greater liberty together as brothers instead of strangers.”


Too many are easily seduced by the emotional knee-jerk reactions that come with even the slightest semblance of being told you're might be wrong.  There is nothing shameful about being wrong.  It's okay to admit defeat.


We are not here to win the glorious battle of the ages.  We are here to perpetuate our own lives; and in the process, if we can, those of others around us in order to enable the potential they may have to formulate an idea that may be beneficial to us.  But if not we are none the worse off for saving another who may yet retain the potential of returning the favor.


The more minds, the greater the chance of finding a solution to problems we know exist; and to problems we don't currently know exist.


So before you snap at someone else, ask questions of why they are saying the things they say.  Ask what they truly mean.  Suggest to them to reword what they are trying to relay in order to ensure that their point is clear, concise, and leaves nothing open for interpretation otherwise.  Don’t be afraid to take the time, to make the time, to write out a post, response, or general statement; even if it is lengthy and others are dismiss your efforts. 


It matter little what the naysayers demand.  It’s what those who read and don’t respond think and do because of what you thought about and did.  And those who silently observe will see the hostility of others and be turned off by it.  They will also notice how those who are gruff and abrasive towards others while hiding behind the shield of freedom of expression walk a fine line.


It is important to understand that regardless of where you choose to initiate an interaction that you must steel your mind and stay your tongue enough because you are the initiator, the aggressor, and the offering hand of kindness pending the utilization of your choice to observe the mindset of the individual you are seeking to interact with.


This underlying sentiment is the number one problem between 'self professed' anarchists; as well every other group out there.  Ultimately respect the essence of voluntary interactions will yield more of the desired results than coercion with underlying tones of unwarranted violence and hostilities; which include public ridicule and condescending statements that relay concepts such and physical actions, *SMH*-Shaking my head, and ‘you will learn.’


And the essence of these voluntary interactions is the respect of consent to be interacted with at all.  There is more to respecting consent that just taking ‘no’ for an answer.




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