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#TaxationIsTheft, not #TaxationIsVoluntary

22 August 2017


This isn’t about the perspective of the intentional advocate of government, but the unintentional advocate of government who thinks they are free because they manipulate the laws imposed upon them.  Specifically this idea is about using the legal routes available to avoid paying certain kinds of taxes.  In this case it is about unincorporated individuals, the idea of the individual having him presented in a court of law, name in all capital letters, as a fictional entity.


That being the case:


It doesn’t matter if one files a W2 or 1099 or whatever it is believed necessary to do as an individual when seeking employment or to create a business.


If one is presented with an interaction demanding compliance to cooperate prior to acting aggressively and outside of the immediate realm of one’s own self defense, then one is not acting voluntarily.  If there is coercion present, at any stage of the interaction then the interaction is not free of coercion.  It is not voluntary.


There is manipulation present which can be interpreted as fraud.  So the individual seeking employment is often unaware of choices.  Even when aware of choices, there is manipulation present to the extent that the only way to not consent to the rules is to abandon them and stay as distanced from them as possible and keep running.


(But how uncomfortable and draining is that?  What does that accomplish?)


The unintended consequences of the coercion behind taxation are far reaching.


One may manipulate the rules of the entity doing everything it can to coerce compliance into giving them money; but doing so is still complying with the inherent violence in those demands.  Nothing is being done to challenge that violence.


The option to pay or declare immunity to those taxes by filing a different form may appear as voluntary.  However, if one understands what gives wealth value, what the purpose of freedom is, the purpose of peace, and why morality is invoked, then one understands already how the premise of taxes equates to the Broken Window Fallacy; thus to the theft presented by acting aggressively in order to coerce an individual to refine their energy to achieve different goals in the present.


Instead of having to learn all of the intricacies of legalities to avoid paying fines, fees, taxes, etc. one could have refined their time, intellect, and labor (energy) to create something else.  How much real wealth, the refinement of one’s three natural resources (time, intellect, and labor), is not used to create new wealth while instead choosing to voluntarily manipulate a system?  Additionally, to effectively waste time focusing on doing something less efficient, to do what one thought was protecting their freedom, but really only the refinement of some of some of their freedom into financial wealth!!


Instead of choosing to fill out a form and explain how some taxation is a choice if playing by the imposed rules, there are others in the world who figured out that the problem is not taxation, but the threat of violence behind it; the demand for obedience enforced with individuals willing to commit acts of physical harm to dissenters.


The taxes paid into the system may not be in the form of financial wealth, but they are still paid in the form of compliance to the tax auditor’s power who will eventually show up; at least concerning the idea of corporate fictions, LLCs, W2’s etc..


Taxation is theft for more reasons than just having to use a specific kind of currency or money to avoid violence at the hands of law enforcers.  Taxation is theft for what it does to the individuals through unintended consequences as well as intentional goals.


The mantra of #TaxationIsVoluntary is rhetoric built upon seeing a couple of puzzle pieces and not the entire puzzle.


But then what of all the other sales taxes, property taxes, etc.!?!  Then there are the countless forms of taxes and confiscations by various local and state governments which go down in history as theft but are nothing more than philosophical taxes for staying the violent hand of bullies in state sanctioned uniforms.


A free individual wouldn’t have to comply with demands to show their papers as infamously portrayed by NAZI Germany war time movies.  “Papers, please!”


Taxation remains theft through so many avenues that to suggest having to fill out different forms in order to prove your freedom is a matter of not understanding freedom and wealth at all.  In fact, any invocation of common law as the basis of needing to do X, Y, and Z works against freedom because of its very invocation being derived from Natural Law.


And as I have discussed previously, Natural Law is based on the idea that there exists a higher power, a deity if you will, that cannot be proven or otherwise.  That makes the entirety of Common Law flawed and open to interpretation instead of static and unchanging.  Because of this, common law, later statute law, and all of the jumbled mess we have now around the world is subjectively interpreted.




In short, it is because Natural Law as invoked by coming from something which cannot be proven or otherwise to exist is the basis of morality.  Natural Law seeks to explain this while common law seeks to apply it.  And anything that is not clearly defined with a complete and linear path of thought progression is going to be flawed in interpretation. 


(What does that mean, a clear, complete, and linear path of thought progression?  Think of it like mathematics.  We learn to designate quantities as specific labels.  We understand the order of these quantities as counting.  We understand addition and subtraction as faster means of counting.  And eventually we understand multiplication and division as faster means of counting than addition and subtraction.  Each step is built upon the previous in a way that is universally available to be deconstructed and understood because of static rules.)


Therefore, the understanding of consent in relation to the idea that taxation is voluntary, solely concerning the ideas of W2s, LLCs, etc., is flawed.  This is a flaw which doesn’t present itself until one has taken the time to fully define all ideas invoked; specifically wealth, freedom, peace, and morality.


This is easy to start with if one simply chooses to ask why any forms must be filled out at all at the request of the taxing entity.  Why must we show proof of being free?  Why must we prove that we haven’t harmed anyone first?  Why must we submit to violence or coercion without first being the unwarranted aggressors?


Because we cannot win against all of the individuals who incorrectly define and or interpret the various laws which all stem from the invocation of something which cannot be proven or disproven to exist; because the overwhelming majority of individuals do not clearly, completely, and linearly define a path of thought progression concerning the foundations of wealth, freedom, peace, and morality.


Taxation is theft because others choose to act aggressively and violently towards others first.  The violence may not be in the moment against the individual filling out forms; but the violence does filter down to the individual putting them into a position to choose in the moment to fill out some forms over others; therefore wasting their time doing so when they shouldn’t have to in the first place.


Simple economic lessons in how tariffs work will also show this as the tariff is passed down to the customer eventually in the form of higher prices.  This is why and how taxation is theft.


Taxation may be appear to be voluntary in which forms can be filled out, which products are purchased and from where, and where one chooses to purchases land property.  However, the forms are demanded lest negative repercussions are implied, the sales are rejected and the peaceful exchange of wealth must be achieved through a greater cost to the individual dissenting against sales taxes, and ultimately should a group decide to charge a fee for land property what then, one still suffers the unintended consequences of taxation; thus one is robbed of all the potential wealth gains in attempting to avoid, dodge, evade, etc. the financial taxes. 

The losses are immeasurable because they are unseen.



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