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The aspect of future affairs



So dystopian is the future we envision.  Government controls ruin everything.  If not for government then the terrors of what fear may become will absolutely transform into reality.


The truth is that there are so many things going on, taking place, and unknown to our individual minds at the present which all collide everyday and create what we could call the big picture.  So many of us cling to negative ideas about the past and present.  These ideas are wrapped and filled with fear and all that spawns from it.


That truth seems to have no effect on such fears; but it does.  Until governments give the orders to kill their own citizens directly, then the imaginative engines of any amount of free trade will produce, with varying speeds, that which will give hope to others to create.  Dystopian outlooks are often centered on the relatively immediate outcomes of such government interaction which destroy their power base, their source of controllable fears; many of which are based on our own misunderstood experiences.  What is not looked at as often is the set of events directly afterwards.


Those events are always about creation.  When the storm clouds have passed, the sun will come back out and shine down upon everything.  How quickly we return to a state where war is no longer the norm is dependent on our abilities to focus again on creation and imagination.  And that is what wanton destruction really eats at.


It doesn’t have to be that way if we make time today to concentrate on what it means to create, not take and destroy without just cause.  Just cause also doesn’t mean there is a right to anything unless such first is taken from you unwarrantedly, outside of the realm of the other’s self defense. 


This can be difficult to understand at times; but there is plenty of knowledge and information out there to aid in learning.  Unfortunately none of that matters unless the individual wishes to learn.  And that is the problem.  How do we get those who see only bleak outlooks to reexamine their positions?


There is no one single answer to that question.  Everyone learns differently and clings to specific reasons for rejecting or embracing ideas.  The only thing that we can do that will teach without seeming as if it is a lesson is to lead by example.  We have to be the changes in the world that we wish to see!  The future doesn’t have to be a cookie cutter mold of another Running Man or 1984 story.


As the saying goes, in the story of Meet the Robinsons, Keep Moving Forward.  We all make mistakes and have accidents.  We are all at different levels of understanding and learn with different capacities.  The future is what we make it; and that being said…

If we refuse or become apathetic to the responsibilities of our own individual lives, then we forget or fail to learn how to create.  And creation of what we need to maintain and improve the quality of our own lives is the key to how bright or dystopian our futures will be.


Government doesn’t matter.  Understanding the fear of the unknown is what matters.  Fear of what others are capable of doing and what we feel they should or shouldn’t do with their liberties is the foundation of government.  It is nothing but a control mechanism designed to instill fear of collectively reinforced negative consequences into the minds of others to affect specific behavior.  In short, it’s about rule of law that fights fear with fear.  And as we should well know, very few fires are fought with fire; and those few that are, are fought with very little fire at all.


By challenging those fears, instead of using more fear to quell your fears, we can break the fears entirely.  The dystopian vision of the future will undoubtedly belong with a high percentage chance to government control.  While there is still a possibility of a dystopian future without being the love-child of government, it’s highly unlikely with as many intelligent, bright, and clever people the world has to offer right now.


Think about the hundreds of thousands of people who work for Marvel, Disney, and Microsoft today.  How many of those people are engineers, writers, construction workers, and skilled with something that can create any kind of real wealth; that which satisfies one or more of the four basics of life, sustenance, shelter, security, and happiness?!  Now consider all of the others hundreds of thousands of organizations that we don’t know about and employ amazingly intelligent people!


Just because a handful of small towns or a city seems to fall into disarray doesn’t mean everywhere else will too!  If we look closely at these destroyed cities and towns, they all have one thing in common.  They are products of heavy government intervention or war devised by government.


If we are taught to create from day one then the future will be looked upon as something different than dystopian.  But sadly, we are taught obedience to authority based on unwarranted coercion, the taxman’s guild.  Sometimes the leadership of authority is benevolent and other times not so.  Being obedient to authority based on coercion is terrible for liberty.


Not all authority is bad.  Authority based on respect for consent is worthy.  And it is this kind of authority that is created by honest interactions between people which encourage the production of real wealth that will absolutely do more than just create stability in life; it will create hope!


But most importantly is the way people interact with others.  We don’t have to curb our individual ideas of expression as much as we need to recognize that our ideas of expression may put others off to potential interactions.  Said differently, we need to be mindful of those we wish to interact with; potentially catering to their preferences if we wish to engage in interactions with them.


Cursing, violent language, and rough and tough tones of voice do not create an environment conducive to open discussion for many people.  And dressing in ways that pop culture teaches is threatening is just as bad for crossing potential bridges of interaction.  Remember that we are all at different stages of understanding in life.  Certainly it’s important for people to be secure in their own minds; but it’s equally important for people to be respectful of others they may or may not want to interact with.


This is not about censorship as much as it is about recognizing what potential others may have to benefit your future positively; and ultimately ensure that dystopian visions remain exclusive content of great stories!




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