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The invisible Line


When you acquire the epiphany that is liberty there is no going back for most.  That spark of understanding opens your eyes up to see so many things that you were blinded to before.


It is the crossing of an invisible line that we only find by chance now-a-days by thinking and actively seeking to improve ourselves; by affecting a change in the world by means of changing ourselves to be the change we wish to see in the world.


It may be entirely and exponentially easier to explain what the color red is to a blind individual who has never seen anything with his eyes before than it is to convey the epiphany of liberty.  But I assure you that when you grasp this concept you will suddenly be aware of an entirely new set of rules; rules that transcend everything else.  It is a kind of clarity that must be reflected on in order to appreciate.


Life becomes so much more beautiful and important.  Upon realizing this epiphany most of us want to scream at the world; go up to each of these stupid young kids who inhabit old and new bodies alike and slap them.  Tell them how stupid they are being.  We want to talk to these people, try to talk some sense to them.  We all want to tell them the way things are but we can’t.  We have to let them read, listen, and think for themselves or risk alienating them from our messages.  We have to show them the spark that captures their attention, plant those seeds of though; and it may be different for every single individual you meet still enslaved by the taxman’s curriculum.


The urge is often so strong to do these things, but what will they achieve?  Nothing for most it seems; yet often the creation of a target on the backs of those who do this for the taxman’s agents to see.  They make us appear as if we are outside of the zone of security and safety and protection, that we are the lost souls while they are the redeemed because of their popular collective understandings.


The truth is that security for them is a made up word.  A word that gives a few some purposes to be slavers of human minds.  And then it happens.


One of them asks what we, the banished, really want to know from them.  We don’t want to know anything from them; that they see in time by observance of our struggles.  It is they whom want to know.  They want to know what it’s like to be banished.


And then they realize the truth; that we are not banished, but they are enslaved.  The banished seem to be few and the enslaved so many, yet the banished are far more numerous than at first glance for the realm of free minds is limitless and easily allows them to hide; but this realm is hidden from the slavers of minds and their livestock for good reason.


Dead minds don’t answer questions to inquisitive minds seeking their version of a rabbit hole.





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