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The Plight of Peace


I am my own master despite those seeking to subjugate the authority I hold over myself.  I am my own master but for times I choose to submit to those threatening my authority with pain.  I am my own master but for those initiating pain to coerce unreasonable, illogical, and involuntary agreement from me in exchange for less, but not a complete deceasing of, pain and suffering.  Though if I held the bigger stick and they were naught the wiser; I know too well how I would be the terrorist and they would be the heroes if I ever used it to protect my divine and natural right to self rule.


That is why I choose no crown of thorns or of gold.  Those seeking power over others are always corrupted in the end regardless of intention; and those seeking power with the desire to rule others for personal glory can never be reasoned with except by the truncheon from which they claim their power. 





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